Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Monday September 18th, 2017

Congratulations Holly!!! (Holly was recently asked to the Homecoming dance.) 

This week was pretty decent. We didn't find a ton of new investigators, but it was good because we were able to follow up on the new investigators that we've had in past weeks. We now have 4 baptismal dates: Efrén- Sept. 23, Sandra- Oct. 7, Sergio- Oct. 7, and Diana- Dec. 9
Diana's baptismal date is so far away because she's not married. She and her "husband" are only 17, and according to the new laws here, they can't get married until they're both 18, and Diana turns 18 on Nov. 30. So we have to wait. But they're progressing a lot! Her husband, Carlos, is a less active member, but is now going to church.

This week we had a Zone Conference, and I was asked to play the piano. It was pretty cool. My companion and I were asked to be the missionaries in a practice teaching deal, and we did great! We found the necessity, and used the scriptures to answer the questions that the investigator had. It was awesome! He and I get along great! It's gonna suck when I have to leave this area. All of the members are inviting us over to eat since it's most likely my last week, and for my birthday. (Forest's birthday is on September 25th. Transfers are on the 25th too.  Missionaries are occasionally transferred to different areas in the mission.  These transfer days come every 6 weeks.  Forest has been in Navolato for the last 6 months so, he is guessing that it will be his turn to be transferred.)  But we're not allowed to eat dinner with the members unless we have a family home evening with investigators there as well, so I think that we'll be having lots of family home evenings this week haha!  I'm gonna have a family make the cake, because we don't have an oven. (We sent him a cake mix, frosting, candles, balloons, and birthday hats in his birthday package.)  The temps are still hot here. 

Enjoying the Mountain Dew from his birthday package!!  (Mountain Dew is imported in Mexico and is not always available.)

President Gabaldón challenged us to read Alma 5, write down the questions, and answer them. There's a ton! But I encourage you to do it. It's a good testimony check.


So, I was able to buy a flag.  (Mexican flags are hard to find unless it is Mexico's Independence Day...September 16th.)  The guy told us that it was worth 300 pesos ($16.90 US dollars), but we talked him down to 170 pesos ($9.58 US dollars).  Since he went down so far on the price, we didn't believe him, but when we got home, we found a sticker on it that said 300 pesos. It's an awesome flag! So, for Mexico's Independence Day, I had my flag out, and I was wearing my hat from Sinaloa.  (Forest loves this hat!  It says SIN on it for the state of Sinaloa but, it is funny that it says SIN since he is a missionary.  :) )

Forest is holding up the #4 for the 4 upcoming baptismal dates. 

I also received the two packages, and a letter from dad. Thanks for all the support!

Have a great week! I love you guys!

-Elder Radmall

You can take the boy out of Idaho but, you can't take Idaho out of the boy!  (Frozen French fries from Idaho)


Dad: Yeah, but I´m excited to get to 21, so I can get my concealed firearms permit.  (Is it weird leaving your teenage years behind?)

Mom: I don't know, I haven't had to go to a dentist, and yes I got both of them. Thanks!  (How is the health/dental care where you are?  Did you get both of our packages?)

Holly: A ton, but I wish that I would've taken it more seriously.  (How well did mission prep prepare you for your mission?)

Sam: Yes!  (Do you wish you had paid more attention in church?)

Dylan: They're okay.  (How comfortable have your beds been?)

Monday, September 11, 2017

Monday September 11th, 2017

Hey guys! Oh Sam... one hunt with a cast, and another with a boot.  (Samuel had surgery this morning on a dislocated, fractured growth plate on his baby toe.)  What's next year??? Haha!
This week was really good. The mission goal for New Investigators every week is 12, and we usually get close to that, but this week we had 18! It was awesome!

We have an investigator named Efrén, who flat out told us that he wants to get baptized. The only problem is that he may be having shoulder surgery due to a motorcycle accident he had, but he has a baptismal date on the 23rd of September. He's progressing a ton!  He's good friend with Hermano Fidel, who is our Ward Mission Leader, who also gives us a ton of rides to visit people. Whenever we go anywhere, Efrén goes with us. So he's receiving like three times the amount of lessons a week as other investigators.

In a little town called Realito de Sataya, there are some members who will be leaving to serve a mission in January, but have to decided to start serving right now. They've been going around sharing the gospel and bringing us references. It's amazing! The work goes so much smoother when the members do their part.

We received a reference from a 14 year old girl in the ward this week as well. His name is Sergio. Sergio even goes to seminary with the member, Maricel, at 6 in the morning. When we went to visit him, his sisters wanted to listen to us as well. From one reference, we found 3 people who wanted to hear the message of the restored gospel.

This week Abél told us that he's trying to save some money to but a white shirt and tie for church, so on one of our visits, I gave him one of my white shirts, and a purple tie I had. I'll have to take a picture with him.

Yesterday, my companion and I got pulled in to young mens to have a question and answer class with us about the mission. One on the young men asked us, "What's one thing that you wish you would've done before the mission?". At the same time we both said, "Share the gospel with my friends." This is the Lord's gospel, and many people are looking for it. Jesus Christ is coming. Look at all the earthquakes and flooding that's going on; it's close.   (Large earthquake hit Southern Mexico on Friday morning...8.1 magnitude.  Many category 4 and 5 hurricanes are hitting in the Caribbean, Southern United States and Eastern Mexico) Share the gospel with as many as people as possible. Here are some scriptures that I like: D&C 18:10-17, 21 and D&C 100: 5-8

My companion says that things are way worse in Honduras as far as danger goes. He says that compared to his country, he feels completely secure here. He has family that live in the U.S., and he visited them for 3 months, so he knows quite a bit about what's over there. His family lives in Georgia.

My package has been found, and will be given to me on Thursday. :)  (A package that we ordered from missionarypackagemx.com was delivered on August 9th but, was misplaced.)

Have a great week!

-Elder Radmall


Dad: Not really. I´ll ask for one this week.  (Has your comp shared anything cool or scary about his native country?)

Mom: It´s ok...  (Do you have good milk/chocolate milk there?)

Holly: nope :)  (Have you wrecked on your bike yet?)

Sam: I can ride without hands while standing up on the pedals.  (Can you and have you done any tricks on your bike?)

Dylan: no, it was almost as awesome as your huge paper airplane!  (Was your plane ride scary?)

Email sent by Forest's mission president to the families of his missionaries after the earthquake:

Dear Brothers and Sisters:
We wish to inform you so that you can be calm that our mission was not affected with the recent earthquake in our country. This earthquake was in the southern part of our country and our mission is located in the northern part; therefore, we didn´t even feel it. All of our missionaries are doing well and doing their duties on normal schedule. We would like to hear about the families of our missionaries that do live in the southern part of our country. Our thoughts & prayers are with you. May the Lord take care of you and protect your families.

With love,
President & Sister Gabaldón

Monday, September 4, 2017

Monday September 4th, 2017

Hey guys!

The time is flying by! I can´t believe that I've been in this area for almost 6 months! 

This week was pretty good! Last Monday my companion almost got hit by a car haha!  We had bought our groceries and we were on our way back home on our bikes. He went to go around a bus, and a car drove by him hitting his bag with groceries. It was crazy close!

Abél and Anahí continue to progress a lot. This week we had the lesson on temples with them and they really enjoyed it, especially since Anahí´s mom died recently. Abél had the question of how can the Lord be in the temple, if the scriptures say that where two or three are gathered in my name, there will I be also. I looked at him and said, "Where do you live?" he answered, "Here, in my house." I responded, "and do you go and visit people every once in a while?" to which he said "yes". I then asked him, "After your visit where do you go?" he answered, "My house." I said, " that´s exactly how Christ works. He has His house in the temples, but through the Holy Ghost He can come visit us." He loved the answer.

Anahí is really timid and quiet, and hasn't prayed in front of us yet, so when we were ready to finish the lesson, I looked at her and asked, "Anahí, do you have confidence in us?" to which she said "yes" I then said that "we'd like to end with a prayer, and that if Anahí would offer it." She accepted and prayed amazingly. Even remembering to end in the name of Jesus Christ. It was awesome! They even paid their tithing on Sunday.

Later in the week, we went to visit Fidel, our mission leader. He´s a really good guy. His wife died almost two years ago and he lives alone. He goes out and visits all sorts of people, but no one ever visits him, so we went and shared a scripture, and just talked with him for a little while. We're gonna talk to Abél and Anahí since they live close to him, and see if they can visit him once a week or so.

Have a great week! I love you guys!



Dad: No, and no. We can´t even go to Gardens or Museums anymore. (Do they have Mexican rodeos in your area and can you go?)

Mom: The regular barber. On the package, I talked to the secretaries, and they don´t know where my package is, but they´re looking for it. (Do you go to regular barber to get your hair cut or does a member do it?)

Holly: Yeah (Do the little kids like you?)

Sam: I don´t think so, because we have transfers on my birthday haha! (Do you think that anyone will make you a cake for your birthday?)

Dylan: Not really. (Have you seen any cool jewelry?)

Monday, August 28, 2017

Monday August 28th, 2017

Hey guys! This week was pretty good! So we were contacting some people earlier this week, and after a little bit of time, they asked us where we were from. My companion said that he wasn't from Navolato, and that he's from Honduras. I looked at them and said with a straight face that I was from Navolato. They didn't laugh or anything, they just said said, "No, you're from like, Spain for the paler colored skin." I then told them that I was from the U.S., so I guess my Spanish is doing okay. haha


Abél and Anahí were baptized this week. We had planned to have the baptism on Saturday, but a member passed away this week, and her funeral was in the church, so we had to change the baptism to Sunday evening. On Saturday night, we got a phone call saying that the church is having problems with the internet, so we'd have to go somewhere else to watch the transmission of Stake Conference. Which made it really hard for investigators, but Abél and Anahí went, and even asked for a tithing envelope. It was awesome!

Another investigator that we have, Santiago, has been receiving the missionary lessons for almost two years now. He knows the lessons and has a testimony of this work, but couldn't kick the habit of smoking. He was smoking 2 packs a day, but we've been working with him, and we're now down to zero cigarettes a day. He's no longer smoking!

The member with the jeep, Jaime, knows some magic tricks, and I have no idea how he did this one. He had me write the name of four girls on four separate pieces of paper. I folded the papers and handed them to him. He had me choose one of the pieces and look at the name, but not show him. We then burned the pieces of paper. Jaime then grabbed the ashes and rubbed them on his arm, and the name of the girl that I had chosen showed up on his arm. It just so happened that the girl I like was the name that showed up on his arm. I have no idea how he did it without knowing her name.

Well, my ingrown toenail grew back as another ingrown toenail, so that sucks!


Have a great week! I love you guys!

-Elder Radmall


Dad: The boardwalk.  (What's the coolest place you seen in Navolato?)

Mom: We haven´t seen any changes yet, but yes I plan on buying a flag. Do you want a full size one as well, or smaller?  (Mexican Independence Day is coming up soon.  What changes around town on that day?  (Things closed, parades etc.)  Is that when you buy your flag?  ( If you buy us one I will pay you back!!! 😊 ) )

Holly: Yeah, the church is the same throughout the world.  ( Do they have stake conference down there twice a year like we do?)

Sam: Welding  (What is the biggest thing you miss about school?)

Dylan: Jesus the Christ, because it explains His life in greater detail.  ( From your assigned books that you study, which one is your favorite and why?)

Monday, August 21, 2017

Monday August 21st, 2017

Hey guys! 

New companion...Elder Juarez from Honduras

This week was pretty good. We had a baptism on Saturday, and everything that could've gone wrong, went wrong......... First off: Some people are working on the church building, and there wasn't any water, so we had to call some people to get water to fill the font. Right after we did that, Virginia's husband called us and told us that she no longer wanted to get baptized that day because the bishop was a very big support, which he wasn't and it was very frustrating. So I had to talk to Virginia and explain that the covenants we make at baptism aren't with the Bishop, but with the Lord, and that He doesn't want us to put off our day of repentance. After talking to her for a little bit, she decided that she still wanted to be baptized.

We have a baptism this upcoming Saturday, and the Saturday after that. My companion and I have plans to have a baptism every Saturday this transfer so we'll see how that goes. My companion and I are still getting along great. He reminds me a lot of Bridon (Forest's cousin). In his country they don't use coins, pure bills. He's a cool guy, and we're working really well together.  Elder Juarez has been out for 5 months.  He was companions with Elder Arzate (Forest previous companion) in the MTC.

Just this week, we had 13 New Investigators, 1 new Baptismal Date, and 4 Investigators in Sacrament Meeting. It was a good week, but Abel's wife, Anahì', mom died this week, so she's been having a tough time. We're hoping to put a baptismal date with her this week for Sept. 9, and Abel will be able to baptize her.

I really liked this scripture: Alma 36:3 

"whosoever shall put their trust in God shall be supported in their trialsand their troubles, and their afflictions, and shall be lifted up at the last day."

I also got 2 letters from dad this week, and one from Grandma Tucker. Thanks for all the support. I love you guys! Have a great week!


-Elder Radmall


Dad: Little by little. They use a different type of Spanish. They use the form of Vosotros, and here we use the form of Tu  ( Are you learning anything about your new companions country?)

Mom: Not a lot. Please ask Mary Doerr si ella sabe cómo hacer posoli, agua de cevada o horchata de coco. Thanks!  ( Any talk about the eclipse in Mexico?)

Holly: Abel. He helps us with whatever we need, he understands and accepts the doctrine, we have a lot in common.  ( Who has been your favorite investigator and why?)

Sam: From home: Steak and Mashed Potatoes. Here: Enchiladas Verdes.  (What is your favorite food from home, your favorite food from your mission, and are there any that are similar?)

Dylan: Agua de Cevada "Barley Water" It sounds weird, but it's really good.  (What is your favorite drink on your mission?)

Monday, August 14, 2017

Monday August 14th, 2017

FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS EN VIERNES CAMILA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (Happy birthday on Friday Camila!)

Hey guys! This week was pretty good, but a little difficult with finding people. We really used the Area Book this week looking for 20 people in a day, and almost none of them were home... Finding some new people was a little different, but I have some new news:

Elder Arzate has been transferred to Esquinapa with Elder Navarro, and Elder Navarro's companion has come to Navolato. All we did was switch companions haha! My new companion's name is Elder Juarez. He's from Honduras. He's a really good guy and I look forward to working with him. He's seems pretty normal like Elder Minarik, so that's nice. Some more news... I'm now the District Leader. I'm pretty happy about that, but a little stressed out too.

Transfer day was quite a day. This time they were on Sunday, so Elder Arzate had to pack his suitcases on Saturday night, so we were up till 1 a.m. On Sunday we got to Culiacán at 2 p.m. so he could go to Esquinapa by bus, and I went with Elder Gummow to his area until 6, which is when we had to go back to the Bus Station for my companion. Finally my companion and I were together, and we were given a ride back with the Cruz family. But we weren't able to go straight home because their daughter was in a meeting in the Stake Center. Her meeting went 2 hours late! But it was cool to see some members from Jardines and Los Pinos. We finally got to the house at about 9 p.m. It was a pretty long day.

I love you guys! Have a great week!

-Elder Radmall

From the jeep ride a few weeks ago with a member.


Dad: No, they don´t really pay attention to us. With the rifle. 100% agreed. I want my rifle to shoot far as a sport, and for hunting I´m wanting to get into bow hunting so I can talk with the elk a little more.
(Do you guys ever get stopped by gangs or rough types on the street?...Dad and Forest are ALWAYS talking about guns and hunting!)

Mom: "Talk with everyone, all the time. Everybody means everybody. Always means always" -President Gabaldón      ummm mtn. dew and snow haha!!   (What is the best advice that you were given either before leaving for your mission or since you have left? What do you want for your birthday?)

Holly: Where in the Bible does it say where the Spirit World is. The Bible doesn't say, right now she doesn't want to accept the Book of Mormon.  (What is the most difficult question you have been asked by an investigator?)

Sam: Doritos. They taste different, but I really like them.  (What kind of chip or snack is your favorite in Mexico?)

Dylan: Talking with my family. (What daily thing do you miss the most while being a missionary?)