Monday, April 16, 2018

Monday April 16th, 2018

Hey guys!

Not quite Idaho, but close!

Wow! What a week! Well, we've been having a hard time finding new people to teach, like 3-7 a week, but this week we were able to find 11! Finally! It's never been so hard for me to find new people to teach. With one of them we challenged him to be baptized in the 2nd lesson, and he accepted! but... he didn't go to church because he had to work, so he date fell through, but we're gonna talk to him about that tomorrow.

So, I think it was Thursday, we were walking in the street and we passed by this house that really loud music playing. I looked at my companion and said, "we need to contact that house" . So we yelled until someone came out, and it turns out that she's been a member for about 25 years but stopped going to church about 20 years ago. She now has two kids who are not members and are now being taught the lessons. It was an awesome experience!

We also challenged a lady named María to be baptized and she accepted! It's gonna be pretty sweet because she only has one leg, so we'll have to put a chair in the water and have a couple guys help her in. She's progressing a ton! Sh'´s never liked to read, but is now reading the Book of Mormon. She's "Catholic" and has the church really close to her house, but comes to church with us, and likes it. The sisters have actually already planned to go and visit her house.

A member lent me a pioneer book they bought in Utah.  Look what I found inside!!  (The Loader family is one of our Pioneer families that came across the plains to Salt Lake from England.  The Radmall's come through Maria Loader who was 19 years old when they came to Utah.  Patience was her sister.)

Yesterday, 20 minutes before church started, we were walking in the street to pass by for some investigators when we received a message from the bishop asking us to speak in Sacrament Meeting.... 

It went alright. I talked about how we all have challenges and temptations in life, but it's super important to put God first and fulfill our callings.

I love you guys! Have a great week!

-Elder Radmall


Dad: Super great!  (How are you getting along with your companion?)

Mom: Finding the house of the less active and talking in Sacrament Meeting with only a few minutes of preparation.  (What has been your most spiritual experience this week?  What has been the hardest struggle?)

Holly: Sportsmen's Warehouse haha for food-Hot Rod Grill. I also like going to Shoshone Falls, and Dierkes.  (What is your favorite place to visit in Twin Falls?)

Sam: Great question! My comp doesn't even know.  (What was the animal that you sent a photo of 2 weeks ago?)

Dylan: No, because I've been studying for our investigators.  (Have you finished my scripture challenge?

Monday, April 9, 2018

Monday April 9th, 2018

Hey guys!

Wow! What a week! This was the fastest week of my entire mission! Monday, a normal P-Day. Tuesday, the multi-zone meeting. Wednesday, normal work day. Thursday, splits with the APs. Friday, normal day which includes a two hour weekly planning session. Saturday, normal working day. We only had three days to work! It was crazy, and it sucked haha! We weren't able to work very well because on Wednesday we had to do a lot of follow up visits because we weren't able to work on Tuesday. And Friday was full of appointments because we couldn't work on Thursday, and Friday morning is when we do weekly planning. Saturday was full of short visits reminding people to go to church. It was crazy! We had 12 people committed to go to church, and we were super excited! The most I've ever had was 10. Well, we left the house early Sunday morning to pass by for all of them, and we had also found people to give them rides to church. Well, a few had go to work, so weren't at home, others told that they were going to change their clothes and never showed up. All in all, four investigators  went to church, which isn't bad, but we've gotta figure out what happened to the other 8 haha.

We're working with Raul again for this Saturday. He knows he needs to do it, and wants to do it, but he's been having problems with his wife, who is a member. So, we've been focusing a ton on the family, and we've talked to the bishop as well. The other day we had a super direct lesson with them. It was basically a marriage council haha but it turned out really well. Please pray for them.

Holy Burrito Batman!!

I love you guys! Have a great week!

-Elder Radmall


Dad: They've been talking quite a bit. Mineyko has shared her testimony, as well has Lana. Mineyko's mom is starting to listen a litlle more, so we´ll see what happens.  (Tell me about that investigator that contacted Lana in California.)

Mom: It's starting to warm up, but so far so good as far as people accepting the message go.  (How is your weather right now and does the weather affect the people accepting or not accepting your message?)

Holly: Depends on what it's for.  (What would you pick... silver, gold, or black?)

Sam: There's a lot of them. But I really like 3rd Nephi because it talks about when Jesus Christ came to the Americas and explains His doctrine really well. I encourage you to read it as a family.  (What is your favorite book/story in the scriptures?)

Dylan: Blue. I don't know haha it's just always been blue.  (What is your favorite color and why?)

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Monday April 2nd, 2018

Hey guys! I don't have a ton of time because we were helping a recent convert, but wow! What a week! I have felt the Spirit more strong than I have in my entire life! First off, we were able to commit new people to baptism. One is a guy who was baptized not too long ago in an Apostolic Church, but has now gone to the LDS church twice, reads the Book of Mormon, loves the Book Mormon, and prays. He's progressing a ton! We just have to get over the fact that he will no longer be a part of the other church. He committed to us to pray and ask God if the LDS church is the true church. His name is Gustavo.

The other person that committed to baptism is Daniel's grandma's sister. She is super excited to learn more, and in particular to have her faith grow.

General Conference was AMAZING! Wow! I've never felt the Spirit so strongly and consistently before. I can't describe how I felt. I think the changes will really help us be more united, and better disciples of Christ. I also think that it's interesting how much they focused on the Book of Mormon last conference, and personal revelation this conference. The 2nd Coming is really near, and people are going to persecute us, and try to deceive us. Now is the time to have a strong testimony of this gospel to not fall later on, and to not be tricked by the Devil. Remember all the promises promised by the Prophets and Apostles about reading the Book of Mormon is true. I know that it's true, I know that Russell M. Nelson is a prophet of God, and I know that this church is true. 

I love you all! 

Have a great week! 

Helaman 3:28-30

-Elder Radmall

We make doughnuts during Saturday's conference session.  Guess Forest made sure they got some too.  :)


Dad: I think that it'll be a great change!  (What are your thoughts on one Priesthood (Elders) Quorum?)

Mom: I have not gotten your letters yet. His name is Bryon Malpartida.  ( Favorite parts of conference.  Have you gotten any of our letters?  (What is your companion's name?  You only told us Byron before.)

Holly: Most people tell us that they don't need our help :(  (What kind of service opportunities do you have?)

Sam: No, it's a normal area.  (Are you in a poor area like when you were in Cabo?)

Dylan: A red doberman. I think that these changes will start to weed out the people that don't have a strong testimony of this church, and unify those that do. (Answer to last week's question) 2 Nephi 2:21  (What kind of dog do you want to own?  What kind of impact do you think the changes announced in conference will have on the church?  (Don't forget to answer my question from last week.  ðŸ˜Š)

Monday, March 26, 2018

Monday March 26th, 2018

Dang! Sam looks like he's getting really tall from the pic!

As to the question of if I'm getting taller, I think the correct question would be if I'm getting wider haha! Nah, I think I'm about the same height and width.  We no longer have to hand wash our laundry.  There is a member here with a laundry service.

Having fun with his companion.

This week was an alright week. We're teaching an 18 year old girl whose grandma was baptized last September. She's been listening to the missionaries since last May and hasn't accepted the invitation to be baptized. Well, she finally accepted it. Her name is Mineyko. We thought that the reason that she didn't want to be baptized had something to do with not wanting to repent, but we finally found out the real reason. She didn't want the missionaries to stop coming by. We assured her that we would still come by, since we have to teach recent converts all the lessons again. She then accepted the baptismal date. This happened last week, and her baptismal date was for this Friday, the 30th, but when she talked to her mom and dad about her wanting to be baptized, they told her that she didn't have permission, that they wouldn't allow her to do it. Well, she's 18 so she can do it if she wants to, but she's afraid that her parents wont pay for her schooling if she gets baptized.  We have an appointment with her tonight, so we'll see how it goes.  The other day we talked with her and her mom for like 3 hours trying to convince her with scriptures and the whole 9 yards, and at the end of the discussion she said, "I know it's true, but no." I was like, are you kidding me? So pray for Mineyko please.

We also found out why Raul doesn't want to be baptized yet. His wife, who is a member, yells at him all the time, and sometimes yells cuss words. She also talks badly about him to their kids. He told us that he knows that the church is true, and wants to be baptized, but not until he has the support of his wife. Yesterday we talked to the Bishop, so we'll see how it goes this week. He's a really great guy.

Yesterday, we were coming out of Sacrament Meeting, and I was met by a huge surprise! Standing outside the building waiting for me, was the Abitia family from Navolato. They came over to see me! It was amazing! They told me that they want to buy me a cake one of these days since I got transferred out of Navolato on my birthday. It made me so happy to see them! All the kids except for the oldest, who is a teenage girl, wanted to give me hugs. It was awesome!

I love you guys! Have a great week!

-Elder Radmall


Dad: They're doing good. They're a little small for my feet, and they have a few paint stains, but other than that they're doing good. I'll definitely have to buy shoes that are size 10 1/2. These ones are size 10.  (Since you don't do anything fun, how are the Nike's holding up?)

Mom: I may have grown a little. Maybe. haha I really like the flavor Root beer, and strawberry :)  (Have you gotten any taller since you left?  What is your favorite snow cone flavor?)

Holly: Make sure that he respects you, have fun, and keep the commandments. Make sure that he knows that if he hurts you in any way, shape, or form, your big brother will be home in just a couple months haha ;)  (Brotherly advice on dating????)

Sam: I'm sure I stalled it more than once haha but great job bud!  (So how many times did you stall grandpa's truck when you fist drove it? Grandpa and I went for a drive and he said watch what I am doing.   Just a little further we switched spots.  I only stalled once!  It was my first try and haven't stalled since.)

Dylan: I have an idea, but let me search a little more before I give you the answer.  (If people in the Bible grew to be hundreds of years old why don't we?  How did it change?)

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Elder Hernandez, one of Forest's former companions that has completed his mission, sent the next 10 photos to the Radmall family.

Tuesday March 20th, 2018

Hey guys!

This week was crazy! We lost two days due to having to round up baptismal records, search for signatures, and take them to the mission offices. We actually entered a High School for one of them haha it was pretty weird! We entered, asked for a certain person, they told us where he was, and they just let us pass by without anyone leading us. We found him, had him put his finger-print on the baptismal record, and we left. We also had to go to the school where the bishop works, which is downtown, super far away from where we live. But all in all, we got the records to the mission offices.

On Saturday, we went to see Raul, and had a big sore on his tongue that wouldn't let him eat or talk very well. He's been having problems with the Restoration and the Priesthood, but he asked us to give him a blessing. We gave him a blessing, committed him to go to church, even though his member wife wouldn't be in town, and then we had to go. When we got to church he came over to us and stuck out his tongue haha but it was free of any sores! We then told him that the power of the Priesthood is real, and he said, "Yeah, I think it is." It was awesome! It was a huge testimony builder of the Priesthood.  We have an appointment with him tomorrow and we're hoping and praying that we can commit him to baptism.   

Raul and Elder Radmall

Raul Escalante
Olga Escalante

Daniel continues to progress a ton. He bore his testimony in Ward Conference, and we're trying to get him called as a ward missionary.

My companion and I get along great! He's from the Lima West mission.

I love you guys! Have a great week!

-Elder Radmall


Dad: Every once in a while there's a word here and there, but not too often.  (Do you ever struggle with your Spanish in shopping or non gospel topics?)

Mom: He's a great guy! He likes to skateboard.  (Tell us about your new companion.  What part of Lima is he from? )

Holly: A lot of times, they express their love more openly to the people.  (How do the sisters differ from the elders in their way of teaching?)

Sam: 8  (How many sisters are in your zone?)

Dylan: nope  (Other than your toe and the time you had to go to the hospital, have you gotten sick or had to be on any medicines?)

Monday, March 12, 2018

Monday March 12th, 2018

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (Matt's birthday was on Friday)

Hey guys!

This week was pretty good! We were able to place three baptismal dates, and help a lot of people progress. The three baptismal dates we placed are for April, and we're wanting to put two more this week but for this month. Daniel had an awesome experience! As you know he fasted last week to find a job where he can have Sundays off, well, he found the job! It was awesome! He also had some additional questions yesterday about how to pay his tithing. He's progressing so much!
My new companion is from Lima, Peru, he's been out in the mission-field for 18 months. I'm super excited to work with him. He seems like a great guy.

On Saturday we passed by for quite a few investigators to go to church with them, and nobody answered their door.  We got to the church building exactly at 10:00 and a thought came to us, pass by for María, Carmen, and Brandon. Well, María has cancer and is in a wheelchair because they amputated one of her legs. We were like, crap. church is about to start, and we'll have to go with a member that has a car to get them. Well, let's go quick. When we got to their house they were all ready to go to church and were waiting for us. While singing the last hymn, Carmen later told us that she had felt a feeling she'd never felt before that made her cry and didn't know why. We were able to explain to her that that was the Spirit testifying to her that what she was hearing was true. It was a really cool experience, all thanks to following the promptings of the Spirit.

Have a great week! I love you guys!

-Elder Radmall

"Say no to drugs, it destroys families!"


Dad: Carmen's story  (What memorable moment did you have this week in recognizing the Spirit? and did you act on it? and how did it go?)

Mom: Eat giant quesadillas again haha  (What was the funnest thing that you did this week?)

Holly: Read your patriarchal blessing.  (How can we make ourselves remember our blessings during times of trial?)

Sam: He had brothers and sisters. but they were half-brothers and half-sisters because Jesus' literal dad isn't Joseph.  (Did Jesus Christ have siblings while on earth or was he an only child?)

Dylan: 7 pairs of all clean animals and one pair of all unclean animals  (How many of each animal did Noah take on the ark?)

Monday, March 5, 2018

Monday March 5th, 2018

Hey guys!

Okay, so first off, Daniel's baptism. Well, his baptism was last Saturday, and he had his interview the Thursday before. We went to visit him that Wednesday to see how he was feeling and what not. He told us that he no longer wanted to be baptized that Saturday. My companion started off on a long trail of blabber, and then it was my turn to talk.  I asked why he didn't want to be baptized. He said that he wanted to learn more. I then asked him if he believed that God was his Father in Heaven, to which he said yes. I then asked him if he believed that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior. He said yes. I then asked him if he believed that Joseph Smith was a Prophet of God, and he responded, yes. I then proceeded to explain that if Joseph Smith was a Prophet, then the church is true, and he started to nod his head in agreement.  I then said, we'll see ya tomorrow at 6 for you interview and he said okay. After his interview he gave us a hug and told us that he felt the most wonderful feeling during the interview and that he had prayed the night before telling God that if he felt something in the interview he would get baptized, and he felt it! He also said that he felt the same feeling when he entered that baptismal font. He is now preparing to receive the Aaronic Priesthood, and yesterday he fasted for a job that has Sundays off. He's doing amazing!

We also had splits on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. On Tuesday we went with the President's Assistants. We dropped off our backpacks with our extra clothes, deodorant, hair gel, etc. and went to work. When we got back to the apartment at night, we found it odd that the front door was wide open. When we got closer we saw that someone had broken the door handle and broken in to the apartment. They stole both of our backpacks and some other things from the apartment. But the coolest part was seeing the Lord's hand in it. Even though they broke in and stole some of our stuff, none of us felt mad, but the coolest part is that they left our garments in the apartment for some reason. They also left my towel and sandals which I am grateful for because I only have one towel and one pair of sandals. They also left my pjs. What made me sad was that they stole my razor that fits all the blades I have...I lost a white shirt and socks.

He got a haircut!!!!!  Much better!

But all in all I'm doing great! My Spanish continues to mejorar (improve) as do my teaching skills. I'm really enjoying being out in the mission field. I hope all's going good back home! I love you guys! 

Photo sent to Alisa from Elder Brown's mom.  Elder Brown is the one with "thumbs up" in the back.  Forest and his companion were helping Elder Brown and his companion move.  They went to Dairy Queen after to thank them for their help. 

Have a great week!
-Elder Radmall


Dad: Last week's question: We honestly don't pull any pranks.   (What's the biggest prank you've done on a companion and what pranks have been done to you?)  This week's question: Apart from the robbery, nothing. It's pretty low key here.  (What's the most dangerous or scary situation you've been in?)

Mom:  Last week's question: Using simple examples that makes them feel included.  (What is your favorite way to teach children?)  This week's question: They're doing really good.  (How are your clothes holding up after being hand washed all the time?)

Holly:  Last week's question: Simba, Scooby Doo, and Mickey Mouse.  ( What are your top 3 cartoon characters?)  This week's question: That we lived before we were born on the earth.  (What part of the Plan of Salvation is the hardest for people to comprehend?)

Sam:  Last week's question: A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief, for the story it tells.  (What is your favorite hymn and why?)  This week's question: Not that I remember.  (I have a rash from my long cast.  Did you ever get a rash from yours?)

Dylan:  Last week's question: Que Dios cuida a las personas que están guardando sus mandamientos... That God cares for people who are keeping his commandments.   (Quiero saber lo que piensas que Moisés 7 versículo 18-23 es sobre tu opinión.... I want to know what you think Moses 7 verse 18-23 is about your opinion.) This week's question: Joseph Smith's First Prayer.  (What hymn would you want me to be able to play for you when you get home?)