Thursday, June 30, 2016

Thursday June 30th, 2016

     Hey guys! My P-Day is today, Thursday. I have one hour to email. I'm doing pretty good! The language is coming ssslllooowww. I miss being able to see you guys! But I'm having an awesome time! The plane ride went smooth. There are four of us going to Culiacan. All Elders. On the second day here, I got put in as District Leader, which was pretty overwhelming, but I caught on pretty quick. Then last night we got released as District Leaders, and put in as Zone Leaders, which I'm pretty happy about, because they don't have to do as much, they just get to delegate for the most part! :) My companion is pretty cool! He's also going to Culiacan. He asked me to give him a blessing, which was pretty cool! His name is Elder Meadows, he's from Florida.

     Our district is awesome! We are so tight! We are the only ones that eat every meal together as a district! We've all become fast friends, which has been nice! The letters I found were awesome! I found one from everyone except Holly and Mom, so if they hid some, you might want to let me know where they might be. The food was also awesome! I've eaten all of it now. It was a great surprise! The letters that Grandma and Grandpa Radmall, and Grandma Tucker sent arrived in two days! The package was awesome! There are 12 people in our district, so I shared the doughnuts with them. They were amazing! And the Jelly Bellies came just in time too! Some other people are getting packages too.
The food here is pretty good! Every Tuesday we get Costco pizza! It rains here every day from about 7:00 to 8:30. The thunder is so loud! It's awesome! In our apartment there were some Latinos, and we were telling them that we are going to Culiacan and that El Chapo is based there. And one of them jokingly said "I love El Chapo!" which was pretty funny! We just call him El Chapo and he answers to it, I don't even know his name haha.

      Here at the MTC you can drink water right from the tap, but I miss the well water! This water does not taste nearly as good! The Spirit is super strong here though. I love it! The temperature is amazing! Most of the people here get a little cold, but I think it's perfect! We are sitting at a little over 7,000 feet in elevation here, which was a surprise to me!

                                                                               Entrance to MTC

In one of our devotionals I learned that there are 15 MTCs! Ours is the biggest geographically, 90 acres. I need both sets of grandparent's emails unless you just want me to include it in here and you can give it to them. We started teaching a practice investigator which is pretty cool! I feel really dumb because Elder Meadows took four years of spanish in high school, and I just have to read the lesson, but oh well! It'll come!
Two days ago we had pizza, and some of us elders wanted seconds (You can have as much as you want of anything) but the line was super long, so we decided not to. We only have one sister companionship, and they're awesome! Sisters are allowed to cut everybody to get their food first. So, they cut everybody and got pizza for us! It was so awesome!

About the earthquake, we didn't feel it, but there was a siren that went off, and we had to evacuate the buildings. We thought it was just a drill, but I guess not. The store is pretty sweet! Everything is dirt cheap! In our White Handbook, there is a barcode. And each week we get 100 pesos on it to use. It isn't much, but in this store, it can go a long ways! I have a lot of pictures, but I can't find the spot to plug in the SD card.
Mom, you may not want to read this next part. ;) On Tuesday night we were laying in bed, and at about 11:00 p.m. we heard 3 gunshots just outside the MTC wall. Which was intense.

Forest (Elder Radmall)