Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Monday December 26th, 2016

Hey guys!



Skyping was awesome! I was worried that it'd make me miss home really bad, but it just made me really happy! 

Elder Hernandez does read English. His name is Angel Daniel Hernandez Uria. 


So, this past week I hit six months in the mission. It has flown by! I burned a tie to mark the day. 



Elder Radmall and Elder Hernandez

Also this week we saw a lot of super nice cars! We saw many Mustang Cobras, BMWs, Mercedes, and a Porche. It was awesome! 


The steep steps that they have to walk up to get to church.


We attended the ward Christmas Party, which was a lot different! They blasted music, sang and danced to pop songs, and had a piñata. It was pretty sweet!


(Talking to Forest on Christmas, he said that there are only about 40 people in their ward.  When they had their Primary program, there were only 5 children.)

Teaching the Valenzuela family

On Christmas Eve and on Christmas we had to be in the house by 7:30 for safety reasons. So, on Christmas Eve we watched 17 Miracles, and on Christmas we watched The Testaments. They're some of my favorite movies. On Christmas we spent a lot of time in the Valenzuela's home. They fed us a lot of food, and just joked around with us, we also skyped from their house.



Feeling the weight of the world  :)
We don't have a ton of investigators, so we contacted a ton. Every single day we had time set aside, just for contacting. I also found out last night, that Elder Hernandez's mom is gonna start going to church! She's not a member, so this is gonna be awesome! The mission has some awesome blessings! 

I love you guys! Have a great week!  

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Skyping on Christmas

Monday, December 19, 2016

December 19, 2016

Thanks for the pics!
Dad: Rio Aguanaval 940 Col. La Popular ( His current address)
Mom: Yes, I got the package this week. No, I have not opened it. (Did you get our package)
Holly: Not sure, we've had some members and some investigators invite us over. (Spending Christmas)
Sam: Ummm I'm not sure. It's nice just to have some treats in the house. (Favorite item in package)
Dylan: Most likely from our Bishop's house. (Where he'll Skype)

     This week was pretty good! We had a lot of contacts and a lot  of new investigators. My companion and I are still getting a long great! He's super  funny! The other day we were walking across this intersection, and some members wanted to talk to us, so they just  stopped and put on their hazards. Nobody honked at  them or anything. It was  weird to me, but I guess normal here.

     Earlier in the week I had an interview with President Gabaldon. Our whole zone  did. It was really good. He said my Spanish is really improving! He also said that I'm intelligent. If he saw my grades in High School, he might say something different haha.

     The Carne Asada here is super good! Sadly, this week we found out that the food businesses cook it with beer :( but the members cook it with water :)

     I also went on splits with Elder Atkins. It was awesome! We contacted a lot. At night, we plan for the next day, and we pray before and after. He said the opening,  in English. It was awesome, and weird. I haven't heard a prayer in English in so  long! I said the closing prayer in English, and it was pretty hard. I had to stop and think of how I wanted to say it. It was cool, and weird at the same time.

     The Valenzuela family are some of our investigators. Their awesome! The dad's name is Ruben, mom's name is Wendy,  and their daughter's name is Camila (8) they have a little baby, but I don't remember her name. They have a baptismal date for the 31st of this month. Ruben is hilarious! They also feed us everytime we go over. We've had sushi three  times, hamburgers twice, and some nachos and eggs other times. They're awesome! They told us that if we ever return to the mission, they have extra  rooms we can stay in.

     It hasn't really felt like Christmas with family, cold weather, and decorations in the house, but oh well! It makes you really recognize the importance of Christmas.

I love you guys! Can't wait to talk to you this week!
Elder Radmall

Monday, December 12, 2016

Monday December 12th, 2016

Hey! Thanks for the pictures! I really miss the snow!

Questions answered from last week...

Dad: The hardest thing... honestly, I think it's the language barrier. I know what I want to say, and how I want to say it, but it's hard for me to say it that way in Spanish. I can understand most things, but have a harder time talking. I was told at 6 months in the field you can say just about what ever you want, so I only have 2 months.

Mom: Well, they don't really do it very much.  At every lunch appointment we teach them about what they're supposed to do that day but, I don't think they do it.  :(  (Are they doing The Light of the World Initiative (serving others each day the way that Christ did ) in your area?)

Holly: So, in this new area, all the roads are cement! I never thought I'd miss cement roads haha! The new ward is a lot smaller, but a lot more inviting.

Sam: I really like my new area! apart from the steep hills haha! I'l have to get a picture of some.

Dylan: Yes, I'm studying the bible. More than studying the Bible, I study by topic.

Forest's new Zone.  Forest is on the back row, 2nd from the left.   Back row, 3rd from the left is Elder Clark Atkins.  Clark is from our stake.  Clark's companion is Elder Meadows...Forest's companion from the MTC.

So, this week was super rough. I was super sick! It got to the point that Hermana Gabaldón (the mission president's wife) told me to go to the hospital. I had a headache, fever, my stomach really hurt, and my back was sore. They pumped me full of IVs and I felt a lot better! On Thursday, I had a fever of 102, so we just hung out in the house. It was not the way we wanted to spend our first week in the new area.

(This is not how you want to see your missionary!)


Elder Hernandez is awesome! He's super funny! He's from San Luis, Potosi. He's the only member in his family.
Elder Hernandez

I opened the package from you guys! It was awesome! Thanks Dad, Mom, Holly, Sam, Dylan, Grandma and Grandpa Radmall, Grandma and Grandpa Tucker, Jeni, and Bob. I split it with Elder Hernandez, and we're sharing the bigger stuff, which he thought was pretty cool!


Also, thanks Sheen Family!  (A family in our ward)  I received the package from you guys this week! Thanks for the support, and thanks for thinking of my companion as well! Thanks!


I also got a letter from Grandma and Grandpa Tucker sent the 10th of Oct.


Alma 37:37 "Counsel with the Lord in all thy doings, and he will direct thee for good."

Elder Radmall

Final photos with Elder Vargas

Back and forth between Forest and Mom:

Mom:  How was the hospital...modern?  What did they determine was wrong with you? 
Forest:  It was pretty modern. The thermometer was one that you put under your arm though haha!  ummm I'm not quite sure. They just gave me a bunch of pills to take haha!
Mom:  Did you understand what you were supposed to take and when?
Forest:  Yeah. They also wrote it out for me. I could understand it, but if I couldn't, my companion knows English.
Mom:  Good!  Are you feeling better now?
Forest:  Yup! I feel normal.
Mom:   The package from Sheens got to you fast!
Forest:  About 2 weeks. It was sent on Priority Mail.
Mom:  Nice!  We better go!!  Love you buddy!!  (We were at my work Christmas party.)
Forest:  Love you!