Monday, October 24, 2016

October 24, 2016

Hey guys!

     Congratulations to all of you! That hunt sounds awesome!!! I wish I could've been there! Holly, that's a huge cow! Nice job! Sam, geez! Congrats! I really want to shoot an Antelope, and it looks like you got a good one! Dylan, way to go buddy! I went several years without getting a buck! Nice Job! I can't wait to check out Dylan Canyon. Thanks for all the pictures! (Editors note: The canyon Dylan shot his buck in was renamed for him!)

     Last week I went on splits with our District Leader, Elder Houg. We did a lot of walking and contacting, and we had awesome Quesadillas! Elder Vargas reached the 6 month mark and burned a tie, only it proved to be more difficult then he thought. He had alcohol for his bug bites that he drenched his tie in it, but it didn't burn. So, I opened my sunscreen and sprayed the crap out of it, and that thing lit!

     One of the days last week, we didn't have a food appointment, so Elder Vargas taught me how to make Enchiladas Suisas. They are awesome! I took a picture of the recipe, after I wrote it down so I can make it for you guys when I get home. Part of the recipe is to make Salsa Verde. If you make Salsa Verde and pour it in eggs after you scramble them, obviously eating them with tortillas haha it's really good too!

     On Saturday, while we were walking home, this guy at a food place yelled at us, so we went over to him. He wanted to feed us, so we let him. In this restaurant they never freeze the meat, so it's always fresh. He made a shrimp burger and a pork burger. He cut them both in half so we could each try one. They were really good! He gave us fries too.

 (Culiacan Area)

     One of the days last week, we were at the church, and this truck driver that was parked in front, came over to talk to us. He knew English and was telling us about being a truck driver. He was from Durango. He was LDS, and I told him that I wanted to be a mechanic when I got home, and he said that's a good job. He also laughed and said that I would need to get a girlfriend too. haha
Juan's baptism was really good! Another one of our investigators, Paola Rojo, came, and she said that she wants to get baptized too! The Spirit is super strong at baptisms. On Sunday I did the confirmation and did an okay job.

     These past four months have flown by! I have a few more scriptures for you guys. 3 Nephi 18: 18-21, 24. This is when Jesus is talking and instructing the Nephites in the Americas. 
Then I thought of the false phrase "Seeing is believing" when I read these verses: 2 Cor. 5:6-7 then 3 Nephi 2:1

(Culiacan Area)

     I bought a soccerball a little while ago, and we went to put more air in it. Elder Vargas asked the guy at the bicycle shop if he had the equipment for it, and he said yes. He also said that it wouldn't cost anything. When he handed me my soccerball, I said Gracias. And he was like "Do you know English" and I said "Si" and he said "Do you know Spanish" and in Spanish, I said yeah, a little. It was really funny.


  Elder Vargas and I are staying here for another transfer.
Yes, they do have a grocery store. It's called Bodega Aurrera
I ran into Elder Atkins at the church building close to the mission offices
My hardest trial... honestly, not being able to go hunting has been pretty hard.
Yes, I have received a blessing in the CCM (MTC). Our whole District gave each other blessings the day before we left.

I love you guys!
Elder Radmall

Monday, October 17, 2016

Monday October 17th, 2016

Hey guys!                                                                       

Holly! umm I mean Eagle Eye haha That's frickin awesome! I've missed hunting so much! I wish I could've been there so bad! (Editor's note:  Holly got her cow elk)   I'm kinda jealous of you getting to hike the Grand Canyon, that's awesome! I really want to see it! You'll have to take lots of pictures!

            Elder Radmall and Elder Atkins

This past week I ran into Elder Atkins. (Editor's note:  Clark Atkins is from our stake.  He graduated a year before Forest.)  I guess he was guessing Mexico for my mission, but in Guadalajara, which isn't too far off. The guy with the Book of Mormon with my name in it was Juan Garcia. (See last week's post)  He's the guy from New York that I was telling you about earlier. His baptism is this Saturday. He understands things so fast and just keeps telling us that it feels perfect. He quit smoking and drinking before our first visit, just after the street contact. He's really grown in the gospel!

I thought of a question this week. What gun is Sam using if Dylan is using the 3030?  (Editor's note:  Sam is using Holly's 7mm-08 now that Holly has come home early from hunting.)

I also got 4 letters this week. One from Grandma and Grandpa Radmall, sent August 29, to the Mission Home. Then I got three from Grandma Tucker, sent August 30, September 11, and September 20. She uses DearElder and it seems to be faster.

The other night, at about 2 a.m., we heard something outside of our house that we thought was a burglar, turns out it was just a couple of cats that had gotten into our garbage. I hate cats. haha

I found a scripture that I really like, and would've been awesome for my mission plaque. 3 Nephi 5:13..."Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.  I have been called of him to declare his word among his people, that they might have everlasting life."   I also like what it says in the Bible Dictionary under Temple: Last sentence of the first paragraph..."Only the home can compare with the temple in sacredness."

Last Saturday, the Opening Day of the Elk Hunt, well ... it sucked. It was super hard to focus on the lessons. Everything seemed to remind me of hunting. It sucked. I hope you guys are having a great time up there!

Last night Elder Vargas woke me up at 3 a.m. because he was not feeling good at all. His head was really hurting and he couldn't sleep. He asked me to give him a blessing, so I did, in Spanish. It was the first blessing I've given in Spanish, and it was super simple, but he was able to sleep, and was feeling better this morning.

 Earlier today we went bowling, which was a lot of fun, even though I suck. haha They were playing some  80s rock there though. They played   Livin' on a Prayer, Born in the U.S.A.  (which I thought was kinda funny haha) and they played Dancin in the        Dark. I had forgotten what good  music sounds like haha. 

We still go to the Ricci home quite often, and her husband is still friendly to us. 

The members do not get to go to the Temple very often, which sucks, but oh well.

I was washing my clothes earlier, and I always save the socks for last, I don't know why, but I do. Anyway, I was washing my socks, and after I wash them, I wring them out, and whip them at my side to get most of the water out. On one of them, I didn't put my arm out far enough, and my thumb came down on the corner of the cement sink. It hurt like a mother! The bone is just a little bruised, but it still hurts a lot. 

I love you guys! I hope you guys are having fun up in the mountains! It's almost like my body knows it's hunting season, it kinda sucks haha  Good luck! Mom, I hope you're having fun at the house! Stay safe!

Elder Radmall

I forgot to tell you guys... The other night as we were walking home, this drunk guy tried to give me his kid! haha! The kid was freaking out and clinging to his dad. The guy said that we'll have to try again the next night. haha!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Monday October 10th, 2016

Hey guys!
It was a pretty good week! We have quite a few investigators. Isidro was baptized on Saturday, and had a really good experience! I guess he's been listening to the lessons for 5 years! Elder Vargas did the baptism.


 When we went to clean the font, there were live lizards and frogs in it that we had to kill! When Hermana Ricci told her husband that she was going to get baptized, he said that if she did, he would divorce her, so... she didn't get baptized this week, but she still wants to. 

Another one of our investigators, Hermano Alexis, is learning super fast! He really wants to get baptized, and teach his younger siblings the gospel so he can baptize them! Hermano Juan, the guy who drinks a lot of beer, has been coming to church with us, and we've been teaching him the lessons. Yesterday he committed to a baptismal date, the 22nd of this month.

Our new, well not so new now, house is nice.  I have some pictures of it for you. It's owned by a member, Hermana Beltran, who lives across the street. She brings us food on a regular basis, which is always nice! 



So organized!!!!
   Decorations from Forest's birthday.     


The picture of the white thing on the wall,
is our minisplit (air conditioner).                                    Map of our area

This past week our Zone had interviews with President, and it went pretty good! He said that my Spanish has improved immensly! The last time I talked with him was when Hermana Mendez was in the hospital, so I'm glad I've improved since then haha.

I also taught a lesson all by myself this week. Another one of our investigators, Luis, wanted me to practice my Spanish without help from my companion. It went pretty good, he said he understood what I was teaching, so I hope he did.

On Sunday Elder Vargas and I bore our testimonies. Some members came up to me to tell how much my Spanish has improved. One of the members is blind, and she knew me by name when she shook my hand, so that was pretty cool!

   (Elder Vargas)                                                                New "SIN" hat (Sinaloa, Mexico)                                                           
For breakfast we make pancakes, but they're called Hot Cakes here, and sometimes we eat eggs, so it's not a whole lot different. There's a pretty good variety of food, but I think the members plan out what food they serve each week, because we eat the same thing a couple days in a row haha but it's much appreciated.

The presidential election isn't too big. Every once in a while I'll get asked if I like Trump. The Ricci family express their hatred for Trump every once in a while.

I'm kinda hoping I get transfered this transfer. I kinda want to see a different area. The area I really wanted to serve in, Loreto, was closed because there isn't a ward or branch there. There were only 4 members, but it's beautiful! It's Elder Minarik's favorite area.

I wish I would've brought a smaller jacket. The people say it gets a little cool in December, and I think the one I brought is too heavy.

The only sight seeing I've done, was the Botanical Garden. I have a lot of photos of it on my other card.

I love you guys! Shoot some big bucks for me! Be safe! Have fun! I'm excited to see pictures in a couple weeks. Can you take some pictures of Wildhorse Canyon in general for me? Thanks.

Elder Radmall

Back and forth emails with dad...

(Dad)  When will you find out if you're getting transfered, the elders here seem to know a week or so in advance.

(Forest)  We find out the Saturday before. So not this Saturday, but next.

(Dad) Do you need a lighter coat and if so how much would think it would cost, have you looked, or do you want to wait till it gets cooler?

(Forest)  I'll wait till it gets colder, to see if I actually need one.

Editors note:  This is an experience Mom had and told Forest about:  
"On Wednesday, at the church, President Atkins was walking down the hallway.  I asked him how Clark was doing.  He said that in his email from Clark on Monday, he told his dad about a man that they were teaching.  As they were teaching him, the man opened up a Book of Mormon that he had been given.  Inside the Book of Mormon there was a testimony written.  The tesitimony that was in it was yours!!!"  (Clark is our Stake President's son that is serving in the same mission as Forest.)

(Dad)  What did you think of that  experience with Clark and your testimony in the BOM?

(Forest) That's awesome! I'm trying to figure out who it could be?

(Dad)  Have you given a lot of BOM's away with your testimony? I would imagine so with your street contacting. (Door to door contacting is too dangerous in Forest's mission.)

(Forest)  Yeah, quite a few. I have to go. Have an awesome week! Good luck on the hunt! Mom, good luck at the house haha :)

Monday, October 3, 2016

October 3, 2016

( Mission President and Sister Gabaldon with Forest)
Hey guys!  

     Dylan... you're frickin funny! And Sam.... Getting a kiss before me? haha ;) (Editors Note: we sent some pictures of Samuel with some of Forest's friends, one was a girl attempting to kiss Sam, and Dylan always has funny questions!)

      Questions first this time. No, she (Sister Ricci) hasn't taught me how to make salsa yet. I actually haven't had salsa yet haha I'm waiting for someone to make homemade tortillas so I can learn, but the usually go to the taco store around the corner, but they're still pretty good! The most dangerous situation... well, the other day the Narcos (Drug gang here) had killed 5 people by 6 p.m. and we got a phone call telling us to be in our homes an hour early. So Elder Vargas and I watched the Restoration video. Yes! 

     This Saturday actually! (FIrst Baptism's) Hermana Ricci, and Isidro. Thanks for praying for them! It helps a lot! Prayer is super powerful! Sam... getting kisses and talking in Spanish. Sí, nuestro nueva casa es mejor. La nueva casa tienen un minisplit (cual es un air conditioner) La otra casa no tienen un minisplit. ¡Y tambien en la nueva casa, no mucho mosquitos, cual es muy bien! jaja some Spanish for you too ;) (Editors Note: Translation:  Our new house is a mini split and has an air conditioner. Also in our new house we don't have as many mosquitos, which is very good, haha.) Grandpa, I'm sorry if the grammar isn't perfect Ummmm my favorite food.... probably the quesadillas in Centro. They're amazing!

     My Spanish has been really improving! In the district meeting this morning, I could understand quite a bit of it. I can understand a lot, but still have a tough time talking, but it's coming. I'm glad you got to see Elder Minarik! (Editors Note: Alisa and I  met Elder Minarik and his Dad in SLC for lunch after the morning session of General Conferance.) He was planning on living in Twin after college, I don't know if he still is or not, but that would be awesome! 

     Conference was good. On Saturday I got to listen to it in English, but on Sunday it wasn't working so I had to listen to it in Spanish, and I didn't understand much because the translator was talking extremely fast! I've been thinking about hunting... a lot! I can't wait to hear the stories and see the pictures! I'm hoping for big bucks, elk, and a nice pronghorn! :) 

     Jeni's and Bob's package came this week. With lots of chocolates and jerky! It had other things to, and it came just in time because I had just finished my other package haha. Also, I want a picture of how the RZR looks now too. I bought a new card for my camera today, but I don't have any pictures for it yet. So next week! I love you guys!
-Elder Radmall

 (Forest's first day in the Mission Field)

Alisa had the opportunity to email back and forth for a bit!

Mom: Are you still there?

Forest: Yes! I love the packages! I was emailing some kid I've never met haha He set me an email about the CCM and the Mission field. He got called to this mission, and leaves for the CCM on December 6

Mom: Right on!!  By the way, Chady fell and broke her hip.  She is okay but in a lot of pain.  She is still in the hospital.

Forest: Dang! I hope she gets well soon. What are you guys up to?

Mom: Are any of the Ricci girls getting baptized?  We are not up to much...pretty boring here.

Forest: Haha I miss the scene of farm fields and mountains in the distance haha Sadly, no. They want to learn more and wait to get support from their dad. Did you get the facebook message from them though?

Mom: No, we did not get any Facebook messages from them.  They sent Minarik the birthday photos and he sent them to me.

Forest: Ok, she sent a video, but oh well. How are max and hunter doing? and what'd Sam think of my response to his question?

Mom: Ask her to send the video again or to send it to my phone or our email.  Sam says hahahahaha!  Grandpa translated it for him.  Grandpa says that your Spanish is really improving.
Max is old...Hunter is settling down.  He is getting SO big!!!  How are the wild dogs?
Who gets to baptize Sister Ricci?  Make sure you get photos at the baptism.

Forest: I'm glad grandpa could translate it haha. The wild dogs aren't too bad, there's just a lot of them! I'm not sure who gets to do the baptizing yet, but I'll make sure and get a lot of pictures!

Mom: Will her husband attend the baptism?  Who is Isidro?

Forest: Ummm probably not, sadly. Isidro is another one of our investigators. We've been teahing him since Elder Minarik and I were companions. He just learns really slow. The reason Hna Ricci waited this long, is because her birthday is this week.

Mom: Bummer that he won't go.  Maybe he will surprise you.  😊 Did you let Minarik know that Isidro is getting baptized?  Are you the one baptizing him?

Forest: Yeah I told him. Not sure who'll baptize who, but I'm sure that we'll each get to baptize someone. He's an awesome investigator! Almost everytime we go over there, they want to feed us, which I'm not opposed to haha If you remember, a while ago I told you of an investigator who takes notes during our lessons, he's the one.

Mom: Right on!!  That will be a cool experience for you to get to baptize someone!!!  How is your journal writing going?

Forest: Every day is accounted for so far. Sometimes I have to write for 2 days when we stay up late, but there is at least one page for every day.

Mom: Since it is Sister Ricci's you get to shove her face in cake?  😊

Forest: I told her I was going to haha but she kept saying no. no. no. haha but her daughters kept saying sí, sí, sí. So, we'll see.

Mom: Awesome!  I want to see pictures of that!!  What little things do the kids play with there?  Matchbox cars, balls, dolls, etc..

Forest: Yes. They play a lot of soccer in the street, and a lot with matchbox cars. They have a lot of like tonka type trucks they play with too. Just not as good of a quality. Well, I have to go! I'll talk to ya next week! I love you guys!

          (Elder Radmall makes it to Culiacan Mexico with fellow missionaries from the MTC)