Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Monday March 20th, 2017

Hey guys! I can't believe that I've been out for 9 months tomorrow! That's crazy! It's gone by so fast!

Earlier this week, we went to visit Hector and Luis. Hector is 11 and Luis is 9. They're super smart, and have desires to learn more about the gospel. At the end of the lesson I felt prompted to invite them to be baptized, and they accepted. Now if we can only get them to church. We're gonna work on teaching their mom this week as well.

The steep steps going up towards the church

The Ward Mission Leader

We also went to teach Mario. He's a really good guy, but he was really contentious this week. It seemed like he was just trying to find ways to combat what we were saying. We invited him to pray and read the first pamphlet again this week.  We have an appointment with him on Wednesday, so hopefully he's cooled down by then, and actually prayed and read his pamphlet.  He's super smart, which is good, but can be hard because he reads with "Natural" eyes, and not "Spiritual", so he doesn't understand things completely, and often has questions from previous lessons, which is at times frustrating.

A little while ago, we had made a contact to a young couple named Jesus and Marivel. They're about 30 or so, and have two little kids, one being only 6 months. We passed by to teach them this week, and were joyfully accepted. They have their own juice business, and Jesus has another job, so we can only teach them together on Thursday and Friday, but they're awesome! Their business is closed on Sundays, and Jesus doesn't go in till 2 in the afternoon, so this week we're gonna invite them to go to church.

This morning we got together with Elder Meadows and his companion, and some of the members of the ward, and played Volleyball and Basketball. It was pretty fun, but it got super hot! Our feet got really hot with the concrete court!

Editor's note:  This video and photo were sent to Alisa on Facebook from Olga Raquel Arias Chong.  She is the Bishop's wife in the ward where Forest is serving in Culiacan, Mexico.  Raquel asked for the homemade pizza crust recipe that we use at home.  She had the missionaries over to make it on Monday March 20th, 2017.  They used hot dogs. mushrooms, and chile peppers as toppings.  She sent this video within a few hours of the missionaries being in their home.  Gotta love technology!

I don't just have one scripture for this week, but a story. For this week, I encourage you to read Matthew chapters 5-7. It's the Sermon on the Mount.

I love you guys! Have an awesome week!

-Elder Radmall


Dad: I've really come to love reading and studying the gospel. It's something I look forward to every morning.  (How has your scripture study changed, since becoming a Missionary?)

Mom: My shoes are doing great. I felt like an idiot when I couldn't remember the word "Recipe" in the video that Raquel sent you haha and yes, the Restoration video is in you tube  (How are your shoes holding up with all your walking?  (We would love it if you answered the questions in our email too.  😊)

Holly: I love Enchiladas Suisas (if that's how you spell it haha) so I don't mind cooking those, but cereal is a lot easier haha  (What is your favorite thing to cook?)

Sam: Yes! We would die without one. Actually, for my first transfer, we didn't have one. We just used fans.  (Do you have an air conditioner?)

Dylan: hmmmmm This week we went through the old contacts we've made, and decided on which ones to go back and try to teach, and just about every one that we went back on, accepted us. So that was pretty cool.  (What spiritual thought have you had the most this week?)

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