Tuesday, December 6, 2016

December 5th, 2016

Hey guys!

(Forest answers questions from last weeks letter)

Holly: My favorite dish is Enchiladas Suisas. It's an enchilada with chicken inside. You then pour on some green salsa, and sprinkle  some cheese on it. It's amazing! And I know how to make it :) Are you still  working at Shake Out, if so how's that going?

Sam: My favorite companion so far, was Elder Minarik. How's Hunter doing? Are you still playing with him a lot?

Dylan: My least favorite... there's a lot of different kind of refried beans here, and they make some that are black, and they're disgusting! Are you still playing a lot of XBOX?

Dad: Well, at least in the ward Jardines, we don't have any other meetings to go to other than the normal block. After church, we go eat, and then  go to work.

Mom: Lots more info in the email. Keep in mind that she's the wife  of Edguardo.

     Ok, so this week I got the package (haven't opened it yet) and two letters, one from the Christensens, sent the 3rd of Oct. and one from the Tuckers,sent 25  of Oct.

     Okay, more about mom's question. So, we went to teach them, and towards the end of the lesson, Edguardo told us that he's addicted to Meth, but wants to stop, but doesn't know how. So, we gave him a blessing. The next day, we went back, and we asked him if he had any drugs, and he said yes, and got up, went to his room, and brought them out to us, willingly. The next day (we go every day) when we got to his house, he had some friends there, so we told him we'd  come back the next day. When we got there he said that his friends had had drugs, and it was a huge temptation for him to shoot up too, but he didn't. He said that he wants to get baptized. I've seent the light come into his  eyes, it's awesome! It was humbling when he said that he's excited, because he's hungry.

      The next day, while we were teaching, the bathroom door would open, then close just enough to make the latch hit the metal. It did this several times, then Edguardo got up and shut it tight. The funny thing is, there's no window in the bathroom for an air current. Edguardo said that lots of weird things like  that have been happening in their house. We suggested that we dedicate the house, and they willingfully accepted. While Elder Vargas was offering the prayer, the rest of us heard footsteps in their hallway outside their house, but no one was there. We heard about 4 or 5 steps, then they went away. When they went away, the spirit was super strong!!!

     I forgot to  tell you last week, that I sent my letters home. The temperature here has really cooled off, which has been nice!

Acts 2:38 and Acts 8:14-17

     Well, I'm sure you're all wanting to know, yes I got transferred. My new area is Pinos. It's pretty close, even in the same zone. My companion's name is Elder Hernandez. Elder Vargas asked me to write his journal, and I was able to do it all in Spanish.

Also, Elder Atkins is now my Zone Leader, and Elder Meadows is his companion. How awesome is that!

Saying goodbye really sucked. It was like say bye to family, but 4 or 5 times, but I'm excited to have a new area!

-Elder Radmall

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