Friday, July 22, 2016

Wednesday July, 20th 2016

Hey guys!
     So, this week was pretty good. Yesterday, we got yet another district. So now we have five districts in our zone! So, our zone is 7B, and we made up this sign for our district, just by crossing your arms and holding up the number seven. It's kinda dumb, but it drives the other districts crazy, so of course we continue to do it. When we went to get our visas, Elder Mockbey from 7C came with us. He is also going to Culiacan. And we like converted him over to 7B, and he holds up our sign every time we see him. It drives his district crazy! Then also Elder Clark has been converted to our district. What makes that one funny, is that he is one of the District Leaders from 7C. 

     I don't know if you remember Cole Hunt, but I ran in to him this morning, so that was cool! He's going to Texas. I do need the Ward's email. Thanks for keeping me updated on the ward. And thanks for the pictures. (Editors Note Forest wanted pictures of his metal art work) My district thinks they're awesome! 

     It's crazy to think that I only have one more P-Day here at the CCM.We play a lot of basketball here, and our district is amazing at it! When we actually try, nobody can beat us. I'll have get a picture of us playing ball, and a picture of our "sign". 

     Last week, Elder Meadows accidentally left a pen in his shirt pocket when we washed our whites. So, when we pulled them out of the dryer, there were black dots on everything. So we went to reception, and they put something on them, and it took out the pen. We were very grateful! 


     On Sunday we watched "The Testaments" and the spirit was super strong! I felt complete joy and better and better! I look forward to the letters sent from home. I read them over and over. They're a great comfort! My Spanish is continuing to improve. I just need to have more confidence in speaking it. 

     On Monday we got moved to a new classroom, which sucked! Our classroom was like our home! It was on the corner of the building, and the door opened to outside. It was awesome. The new classroom is bigger, but it echoes, and is in a building. So we have to walk down a hallway to get to it. It really sucks!
The cookies you and grandma and grandpa sent were amazing! I took one box to class and shared it, then the other one Elder Meadows and I just kinda snack on. The sim disk card reader thing is exactly what I needed! I only have two pictures this week, sorry. They're of the same flag, just taken from two different perspectives.
     I have not received Brother Kellogg's letter yet, but his daughters drew me pictures, and Sister Kellogg took pictures of them and sent them to me through email. I'm really excited for Bryan Lawrence, that's awesome! I can't wait to see where Ian and Darin Tschida go. I can't remember if I told you this already, but in our room and in the bathroom, when you flip on the ligh tswitch, the lights flicker a couple times before they turn on, which took some getting used to. I miss you guys! But I'm having a great time out here!

Elder Radmall

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