Thursday, July 7, 2016

Wednesday July 6th, 2016

     So, they had to make another zone, so P-day is today. Next week it´ll be Friday, then back to Wednesday. Thanks for all the letters and the packages! Jeni and Bob sent me a package for the 4th of July, and it actually arrived on the 4th! It was awesome! 4th of July kinda sucked here, but they did the best they could. They gave us red, white, and blue table cloths, hamburgers, corn on the cob, root beer, apple pie, cupcakes, and they had us sing the National Anthem, so that was pretty cool! Then I drew a flag on the white board in the classroom.

Editors Note (I think they took pretty good care of you!)

     When you get a chance, go to youtube and search: Valentine I´m a Mormon alcohol recovery.  He's one of my teachers. There´s a picture of me and him that I sent you. He´s a super spiritual guy! He´s hilarious!

     Elder Braithwaite, is now in a trio with Elder Price and Elder Ballard, and they live next door to us. When Elder Braithwaite was moving his stuff to his new room, he had a master key, and he went into our room and switched everything around. So Elder Meadows' blankets were where mine were, our garbage can was on the other side of the room, and stuff like that. So when they left to get more stuff, we took an alarm clock and hid it in their room and set for 3a.m. It was hilarious!

     The Temple was awesome! They had headsets for us.  We had to do some of it in Spanish, which wasn´t too bad. It was huge though! We rode on escalators to get to the third floor! On fast Sunday, they had us fast kinda weird. You skip dinner Saturday night, and then Sunday breakfast. It was different, but I like it that way. My Spanish is starting to come, so that´s nice!
We have gym time every day for 45 minutes which is awesome! We mainly play basketball. The Hermanas can´t play with us, which sucks, but I understand why. Earlier today we got a frisbee and played ultimate which was fun. We played on the soccer field where the gym staff isn´t at so the Hermanas could play with us. We only have two, so they´d be left out if we didn´t go over there. They´re awesome though! One of them reminds me a lot of Holly! The Coca Cola shirt I brought bleeds through even after I washed it, so that sucks! And I didn´t want to wear the same shirt everyday, so I bought another one at the store here for 5 bucks. It´s pretty sweet! I´ll have to take a picture of it for next week.

The four Elders in our District that are headed to Culiacan! There is another Elder going to our Mission but he is in another District.

     The Mexicans here don't refer to themselves as "Mexicans" or even "Americans" They're Latinos. Teaching is going good! I wish I could answer questions better, but oh well, Spanish will come. We're teaching a total of three, and two of the have committed to baptism. We're asking the other one tomorrow. During Priesthood on Sunday we go over the Baptism prayer, and how to give a blessing. I got picked on to show everyone how to do it in English, and I got it perfect! Which was awesome! 

I love you guys!

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