Monday, October 10, 2016

Monday October 10th, 2016

Hey guys!
It was a pretty good week! We have quite a few investigators. Isidro was baptized on Saturday, and had a really good experience! I guess he's been listening to the lessons for 5 years! Elder Vargas did the baptism.


 When we went to clean the font, there were live lizards and frogs in it that we had to kill! When Hermana Ricci told her husband that she was going to get baptized, he said that if she did, he would divorce her, so... she didn't get baptized this week, but she still wants to. 

Another one of our investigators, Hermano Alexis, is learning super fast! He really wants to get baptized, and teach his younger siblings the gospel so he can baptize them! Hermano Juan, the guy who drinks a lot of beer, has been coming to church with us, and we've been teaching him the lessons. Yesterday he committed to a baptismal date, the 22nd of this month.

Our new, well not so new now, house is nice.  I have some pictures of it for you. It's owned by a member, Hermana Beltran, who lives across the street. She brings us food on a regular basis, which is always nice! 



So organized!!!!
   Decorations from Forest's birthday.     


The picture of the white thing on the wall,
is our minisplit (air conditioner).                                    Map of our area

This past week our Zone had interviews with President, and it went pretty good! He said that my Spanish has improved immensly! The last time I talked with him was when Hermana Mendez was in the hospital, so I'm glad I've improved since then haha.

I also taught a lesson all by myself this week. Another one of our investigators, Luis, wanted me to practice my Spanish without help from my companion. It went pretty good, he said he understood what I was teaching, so I hope he did.

On Sunday Elder Vargas and I bore our testimonies. Some members came up to me to tell how much my Spanish has improved. One of the members is blind, and she knew me by name when she shook my hand, so that was pretty cool!

   (Elder Vargas)                                                                New "SIN" hat (Sinaloa, Mexico)                                                           
For breakfast we make pancakes, but they're called Hot Cakes here, and sometimes we eat eggs, so it's not a whole lot different. There's a pretty good variety of food, but I think the members plan out what food they serve each week, because we eat the same thing a couple days in a row haha but it's much appreciated.

The presidential election isn't too big. Every once in a while I'll get asked if I like Trump. The Ricci family express their hatred for Trump every once in a while.

I'm kinda hoping I get transfered this transfer. I kinda want to see a different area. The area I really wanted to serve in, Loreto, was closed because there isn't a ward or branch there. There were only 4 members, but it's beautiful! It's Elder Minarik's favorite area.

I wish I would've brought a smaller jacket. The people say it gets a little cool in December, and I think the one I brought is too heavy.

The only sight seeing I've done, was the Botanical Garden. I have a lot of photos of it on my other card.

I love you guys! Shoot some big bucks for me! Be safe! Have fun! I'm excited to see pictures in a couple weeks. Can you take some pictures of Wildhorse Canyon in general for me? Thanks.

Elder Radmall

Back and forth emails with dad...

(Dad)  When will you find out if you're getting transfered, the elders here seem to know a week or so in advance.

(Forest)  We find out the Saturday before. So not this Saturday, but next.

(Dad) Do you need a lighter coat and if so how much would think it would cost, have you looked, or do you want to wait till it gets cooler?

(Forest)  I'll wait till it gets colder, to see if I actually need one.

Editors note:  This is an experience Mom had and told Forest about:  
"On Wednesday, at the church, President Atkins was walking down the hallway.  I asked him how Clark was doing.  He said that in his email from Clark on Monday, he told his dad about a man that they were teaching.  As they were teaching him, the man opened up a Book of Mormon that he had been given.  Inside the Book of Mormon there was a testimony written.  The tesitimony that was in it was yours!!!"  (Clark is our Stake President's son that is serving in the same mission as Forest.)

(Dad)  What did you think of that  experience with Clark and your testimony in the BOM?

(Forest) That's awesome! I'm trying to figure out who it could be?

(Dad)  Have you given a lot of BOM's away with your testimony? I would imagine so with your street contacting. (Door to door contacting is too dangerous in Forest's mission.)

(Forest)  Yeah, quite a few. I have to go. Have an awesome week! Good luck on the hunt! Mom, good luck at the house haha :)

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