Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Monday May 8th, 2017

Hey guys! This week was pretty good!  It's really starting to get hot, and the sun is really intense so, we bought hats  haha   I've really missed having dad pop my back, because I've really needed it!   The other day, we were walking down the street in front of a chiropractor office which is owned by Hermano España. As we were walking in front of it, he told to come in, and he popped our backs in all sorts of ways for free. It was awesome!

On Thursday I was pretty sick. I was super tired and in the bathroom almost all day. When I wasn't in the bathroom, we were talking with Hermana Gabaldòn on the phone. It sucked. I honestly think that I lost some weight haha After I slept for quite a while, I felt a ton better. A sister from the ward also brought over a chicken soup for me which was super nice of her!

Apart from being sick, the week was pretty good. Miguel Angel still has his baptismal date of June 3rd, but didn't go to church yesterday.  So we need to see what's going on there. Isabel has her baptismal date for May 20th, and is still going strong. She's started inviting us to eat dinner with her after the lessons which has been nice!  We made a contact last week, and went back to teach a lesson this week. Her name is Norma, and is super Catholic. She says that she has a lot of faith in the Virgin Mary. She sells popsicles and she gave us some for free after the lesson which was really cool. We started teaching the Plan of Salvation, which she understood pretty well.

My Spanish continues to get better and better. My companion and I are doing pretty well. Sometimes it's kinda funny to hear what he says in the contacts or the lessons because he runs out of things to say, but he's learning, and progressing a lot!

Sorry the email is short this week. 

The picture of the water, is a canal.  

I plan on skyping on Wednesday at 5 pm. if that works for you guys!   (May 10th is Mother's Day in Mexico, no matter what day of the week it falls on.)

This week I challenge you to read Ether 12, and pay attention to how many times it says the word faith,and what happens because of faith. I love you guys! Have a great week!

-Elder Radmall


Dad: Okay, I'll see what I can do.  (No, question, but try to get a pic with a cop!!! but you can answer the ones in our email!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Mom: Because it's the opposite of humility, which is a chief attribute of Christ.  (Why are we warned about pride so many times in the scriptures?)

Holly: I've really missed the Spirit that is felt in the Temple.  (Tell what you have missed about going to the temple since you don't have one close by.)

Sam: Twin Falls, within a day or two of when I get home.  (What is the first temple that you want to go to when you get home?)

Dylan: The only difference I felt, was that the kids didn't have school haha  (How was Cinco De Mayo in Mexico? )

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