Monday, June 19, 2017

Monday June 19th, 2017


(This is the tree's natural colors!!)

Hey guys! Well, it was another week in the house. We were able to go out and work a little bit, but not a ton. I'm kinda thinking that it's a blessing that we can't get out and work like we want to. In these past couple of weeks, Navolato has gotten quite a bit more dangerous. They're killing a person or two every day, and not just at night. A week ago today, they killed a guy at three in the afternoon downtown. They shot him 8 times in the head. They're also kidnapping a lot of kids, which makes contacting a lot harder, because the "bad guys" are impersonating other people, so people are staying in their homes more.

We have a new investigator, who's a really good guy! He has lots of questions for us, which I love. 

On Wednesday we had special splits. We went with the elders from Nuevo Culiacan. Elder Gummow and Elder Cardona. Elder Gummow is writing a new song for the mission, and needed to be in the church building all day. Since my companion can't work very much, we went to Culiacan so he could be with Elder Gummow, and I went with Elder Cardona to work in Nuevo Culiacan, that way there weren't two areas not working.

Helping a pregnant sister in their ward move her water business to a new location.

I bought a new study journal this week, so now I can study more how I want to. I really encourage you to write down what your studying, where it's found in the scriptures, and your thoughts. It makes your study a lot more meaningful, and you learn a lot more!

Yesterday, we ate with the Abitia family. They're awesome! They were making Carne Asada for Father's Day, so we helped them cook. Ricardo Abitia, the dad, had saved steaks for the end, and since we helped cook all the food, he gave us a big steak. It's the first steak I've had in a year! It was awesome!!!!

Not a ton happened this week either, hopefully this next week we can work how we want to.  

I love you guys! Have a great week!

-Elder Radmall


Dad: Lots of bread and some bracelets  (Are there many hand made goods sold in the area?)

Mom: I'm studying the Plan of Salvation in depth. I'm at the Judgement, and I have 12 pages of notes. It's been awesome! (What are you studying in the scriptures this week?)

Holly: One of them actually called me a Prince hahaha  (Any ladies hit on you yet?)

Sam: pics are your answer from last week. This week: First, great questions bud! In the Spirit World there's a division: Spirit Paradise, and Spirit Prison. The Spirits in Spirit Paradise are the Spirits who have a knowledge of the gospel, made covenants with God, such as baptism, and were firm in the faith. These Spirits are teaching the gospel to the Spirits in Spirit Prison so they can have a chance to live with God in the Celestial Kingdom. Here's my question for you: If a person has the opportunity to accept the gospel in this life, rejects it, but accepts the gospel in the Spirit World, will they live in the Celestial Kingdom?  ( What do our spirits do after we die?)

Dylan: Rumikub  (What will be the first game that you want to play when you get home?)

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