Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Monday June 26th, 2017

It was a pretty decent week. On Tuesday we had splits with our District Leader and his companion, so we spent the night at their house on Monday after our District Meeting. In their house they have a barbell, and they wanted to have a competition to see who could do the most curls with 40 lbs. Elder Muñoz went first and got 21, then Elder Buitrago who got 56. Elder Arzate didn't want to go, so it was my turn. I wasn't gonna let my District Leader beat me, so I knew that I had to at least get 60. Well, I got to 60 and felt like I could do a couple more so  I kept going. I decided to stop at 150 reps ha ha! Needless to say, my arms were very sore for a couple days, but I won!  ha ha!

During splits, I went with Elder Muñoz and it was alright. He been in the mission for about a month, so it was like training from the beginning again, but he did pretty good. The only thing that sucked was that he had one appointment on one side of his area, then the next appointment was on the other side, then we went back to the other side for the 3rd appointment. But oh well, he´ll learn.

On Wednesday we had our Multi-Zone Meeting which was pretty good. It´s nice to actually know the majority of the people that are there now. The Multi-Zone Meeting was also on the day that we completed one year in the mission, and Elder Meadows and Elder Mockbee were there. We only missed Elder Burkholder which was pretty cool! This year has gone by so fast! The Multi-Zone Meeting was pretty focused on finding new people to teach, and making sure that we invite everybody that´s in the house to hear our message. 

(When missionaries reach their 1 year mark of service, they burn a shirt...)


German has his baptismal date for this Saturday, the last Saturday of this transfer, but he hasn't gone to church the last two Sundays, and he hasn't been in his house when we pass by. He´s working in the farm fields, so hopefully the reason that he hasn't been home is because he´s working, but we feel like he´s not ready for his baptismal date, so we´re gonna have to change it which is sad.

My companion is walking a lot better. We went to the Chiropractor today, and he told us that in these next two days he wants Elder Arzate to walk without his crutches. And if everything goes good, we´ll be able to use the bikes again this Thursday, which will be really nice. Without the bikes we can´t go around our area like we need to to visit our investigators. So hopefully this week is almost a normal week!

I love you guys! Have an awesome week!

-Elder Radmall


Dad: It's really helped me realize what's really important in life, especially with the Gospel.  (How has a Mission changed your perspective on life?)

Mom: Right now my companion has to do some exercises with his ankle, and I have to help, so getting to bed on time right now is a little tough.  (What part of your schedule is the hardest to keep?)

Holly: I would say the story of Joseph Smith. We get told that it's a fantasy a lot.  (What is the hardest part of the gospel for your investigators to comprehend?)

Sam: Lots of mosquitoes... (Have you been stung or bit by anything yet?)

Dylan: So far no, but I've heard that they have some strange animals in the mountains.  (Have you seen any strange animals there that are not in Idaho?)

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