Monday, August 15, 2016

Monday August 15, 2016

             (Elder Hunt from Twin Falls)                                   (MTC instructors)

Hey guys!

     Well... It has been really hot and humid! It rained a ton the other day! 

      The other day Elder Minarik, who has been out 23 months, and I ate some tacos on the street. They were really good! He told me afterward that the meat inside was cow brain!

     We still don't have any air-conditioning yet, but we're hoping to get that all situated this week. Tonight I have to go on splits. I guess splits are for 24 hours, so I had to pack up some stuff, which sucked! We may be getting an hour for e-mailing soon, Hopefully! 30 Minutes is no where near enough! 

     (Elder Radmall with his trainer Elder Minarik who is                                                                                                                                from Washington State)

     Two of the pictures are of me washing my clothes. We have to wash them by hand, which sucks, but oh well! Today I bought a backpack, which has been extremely nice! In the store we shop at, there's a little McDonalds that just sells icecream, but it's awesome! I've bought a sundae a couple of times. I've been eating super cheap so I can buy some things to snack on too. We get 400 pesos every week, and I still have 200 of the pesos from last week!

(Editors Note: 400 pesos is 22 US dollars, sooooo 200 pesos is 11 US dollars)

(Editors Note: Chores, they never end)


     I'm starting to be able to understand more Spanish, which has been awesome! My testimony that I bore at church was very simple, but I was able to do it. I wasn't too nervous for it. I've been taking a part in every lesson, which has been good. We have seven progessing investigators! I'm super excited for Ian too! That's awesome!  (Editors Note: Ian is Forest's Cousin and was just called to Peru Lima South)

     There's a missionary here who has seen my video of me opening my call! So, that was kinda cool! 

(Editors Note: Elder Radmall's Casa)

     My address is:    Constituyente Gral. Luis G.
                                   Monzon 2135
                                   80180 Culiacan Rosales, Sinaloa

(Editors Note: The building Forest attends                                                                                                                                                   church)

(Editors Note: Streets of Culiacan)

     (Editors Note: we had a few questions for Forest, such as when does district meeting start and where do you want our letters sent, Mission home or your personal address, and what part of Culiacan are you in, which he was able to send right back)

     P-Day goes to 6, which is when the district meeting starts.

     Send my letters in the mail. We almost never go to the mission home. 

     I'm not exactly sure what part. I think we're pretty far to the west.

 I miss you guys! I love you all!
-Elder Radmall

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