Monday, August 29, 2016

August 29. 2016

Hey guys!

     A lot of this week was spent in the hospital. Elder Minarik hasn't been feeling good for two months, and lost 22 pounds over the course of that time. So, I finally convinced him to call Hermana Galbadón (Mission Presidents Wife), and she wanted him to go get a blood draw. So we went in, and they said the only opening they had was for the next morning. So when we went back, Elder Minarik realized that he had eaten that morning, so they couldn't take his blood. 

     Hermana Mendez was still there, so we went and talked to her for a while. President and his wife came while we were there, and I was able to talk with them for a while. They're awesome! Her Dad hunts, rides horses, and is basically a part of our family, so it was fun to swap different stories. 

     But anyway, the next day we went back for Elder Minarik's blood test, and the doctors aren't sure what's wrong. Hermana Galbadón took the results to a couple different doctors, and none of them know what's wrong, so hopefully an American doctor can figure it out. (Editors Note: His companion goes home in a few weeks) 

     The hospital that missionaries go to is pretty nice for Mexico, but still isn't very comparable to an American hospital. The nurses don't come out and get you, a security guard does, so that was interesting! Hermana Mendez is feeling better, and is out doing missionary work, but she has to go home tomorrow because I guess before she came out she had a surgery on her knee, and one of the screws is coming out! She'll only be home for a month, then she'll be back out here.

     We used to have 6 Elders, and 2 Hermanas, but the Hermanas got transferred to a different area because the area they had got closed, so Elder Minarik and picked it up. Our area more than doubled in size! (Editors Note: we asked how many missionaries were in his district)

     We still don't have water in the house, it's getting a bit ridiculous! The bill has been paid, but they haven't sent anyone out to turn in back on.

     We had exchanges again, but this time I went with Elder Finkner. It was super hot that day!
Yesterday, it rained a bunch! So we went over the Ricci family's house and talked with them for a while. We were there for a couple of hours waiting for the storm to pass. We ended up playing Jenga with them, and she fed us dinner.

     This morning 8 of the Elders got together and we played soccer at the church, which was fun! 
If you could send letters to the Mission Offices, that would probably be best! Because I'm not sure if we will be moving houses or not, and that way I don't have to worry about that during transfers.

     On Friday, our lunch appointment Lady wasn't going to be able to feed us, so she gave us money to buy food with. So, we bought ground beef and made hamburgers. They were awesome!


     This first month in the mission went by fast! I can understand most of what's being said, but can't say a whole lot. (Editors Note: we asked how his Spanish was coming along)

     I hope you guys are having a good time! I wish I had more time! 30 minutes is not enough! Also, can you guys send me pictures of whatever you're doing. I like pictures too ;)  Oh, and when I get the birthday package, should I open it when I get it, or wait till my birthday? (Editors Note: Does really matter what I tell him, I see the package getting opened on arrival!)

-Elder Radmall

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