Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Monday August 8th, 2016

     Yes! I really wish I could have some of mom´s cooking!  (Editor's note:  We told Forest about Dylan's birthday dinner and cake in our last email.) Here we don´t have dinner appointments, we have lunch appointments. We mainly have tacos, which are pretty good, but I wish we could get more variety. They don´t eat lunch here at the normal time. They eat lunch at 2, which has been kind of hard to get used to. 

     This week has been pretty crazy! Our house didn´t have electricity or water. As of today, we have both of those things. 

     Elder Minarik, my companion, said that this has been the hardest area he´s had his whole mission. Which makes it hard to get into the swing of things for me, but it´s nice to know that it´ll probably only get easier. 

     I haven´t taken any pictures yet, because we´ve running all over the place trying to figure stuff out, so I´ll try to take some this week.

      Our ward is really small, but I bore my testimony, in Spanish! It was very simple, but I did it!  

      I´m loving the area! It´s a lot different than anything I´ve ever experienced! The buses here are insane! The roads here are dirt and gravel, so the feel of the bus ride reminds me of the dirt roads back home. It´s been super hot and humid, which has been weird to get used to. I love you guys!

     So, I forgot to tell you guys about the Ricci family. They own the house we´re staying in, and they live just around the corner from us. They are our best investigators. It´s a mom and her two daughters. The husband isn´t interested in the church, but is super nice to us. They give us buckets of water to shower with, which sucks to have to do, but I´m glad they´re willing to do that for us. They fed us dinner two nights in a row, and then again last night. They´re awesome. The guy that lives across the street from them, got shot twice in the face! That was crazy! 

Elder Radmall

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