Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Monday September 12th, 2016

Hey guys!

     It's been a really hard week! Lots of our appointments have fallen through, and most of the people we try to contact don't want us to come back. It's been raining a lot, and every time it does, the streets flood, which sucks! 

     I got a letter from Grandma Tucker this week. It was sent on the 20th of August. How'd Grandpa break his fingers? 

     Yesterday, we had to go to Ward Council, and I got asked to give the spiritual thought. It wasn't very long, but I was able to do it. 

     I have a hard time with remembering the first names of people, sorry. (editor's note:  We keep asking him for the first names of the people he is teaching.) But, Hermana Ricci's husband asked her if she had researched the LDS church online, and she hadn't, but she decided to. At first she got on, which is good. But then she found a site of LDS people who have left the church and said why, and was just bagging on the church. When she was telling us about it she was bawling. She's afraid of losing her faith and testimony, but she's still going strong!

     Elder Minarik is hoping to come to Twin at the beginning of October, right after General Conference. I've been telling him a lot about Twin, and he's seriously thinking about moving there and becoming a cop, which would be awesome! He and I have become good friends!

     This morning I got a new companion. His name is Elder Vargas, from Hidalgo. He doesn't know any English, which is going to be really hard. I'm pretty stressed out about that. He made us lunch too today which was really good, and he washed some of my clothes. He's the Senior Companion, but it's almost like I am because I have to lead the way because he doesn't know where to go. 

     We'll be watching General Conference I think in the church. The ward we cover is called Jardines. For the sacrament, they use filtered water, and no, there aren't really any hot Mexican ladies haha!  I love you guys! (editor's note:  We all asked him questions in our email, and yes, one of his brother's who will remain nameless, asked about the hot ladies.  :) )

-Elder Radmall

     Oh my gosh! I don't know what the problem is! I've tried using a different computer and the pictures still get erased! Maybe I'll try buying a different memory card. Sorry.

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