Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Monday September 26th, 2016

Hey guys!

     Well... I have an hour!!! Last week when we walked out of the Ciber, my Zone Leaders came with my package and a letter from Grandma Tucker, sent August 4. Later that week I got another letter from Grandma Tucker sent August 12. The package was awesome! I loved every bit of it. I don't know who's idea it was to send the Mountain Dew, but you can't buy it here, and I've been in the mood for it for a couple weeks, so thanks! (Editor's note:  Forest's birthday was on Sunday September 25th.)

     In the Zone Meeting, I had to say the prayer, and how I said it in Spanish was pretty much a direct translation. I said (In Spanish) We ask Thee to please protect us from Satan's influence. But how it's translated is Please give us Satan's influence haha ooops Good thing Heavenly Father knows what I meant to say!

     Elder Vargas has me teach a few principles every lesson, and I even started the lesson the other day. We do teach lessons on the street. The lesson I started was on the street. People accept me pretty well. They always have me role my "Rs" because they think I can't, so it's really funny when they see that I can!

     Last week I bought a "SIN" hat. It stands for Sinaloa, but it's funny in English since we're missionaries.

     During Language Study in the morning, every so often, Elder Vargas will have me translate a sentence into English so he can practice a little bit.  I actually had a hard time talking in English. It took me a couple tries to say a few words.

     So, Sam's antelope tag, what unit is it for? And how's school and work going?

     We were teaching a new investigator, and she flat out told us that she can feel a difference when we talk to her, so that was awesome!

     My birthday was pretty good! Elder Vargas woke me up early and sang me Happy Birthday in Spanish, and he had decorated the area around my desk the night before. We had pizza and cake at the Ricci's house. One of the traditions here is that after you blow out the candles, they shove your face in the cake, and I was no exception. My face was covered in cake and frosting! The Ward also gave me a birthday present. At 10:00 Saturday night they called us and asked to talk that Sunday. So my morning study time was spent going through Preach my Gospel putting together my talk.

      I don't know where we can print  off emails, and I don't know how to make cow brain tacos, but I've had one, and it's actually pretty good! And I have 13 investigators! I love you guys!

-Elder Radmall

(Back and forth between Mom and Forest)

Mom:  What color of cast should Sam get? (Sam has a broken thumb)  Blue or camo ish?  Jeni and Bob sent you a package too.  :)

Forest:  Awesome! Tell them thanks for me. Definetly camoish haha

Mom:  Sam says cool!  You only sent the photo of your that right?  Did you buy another card for your camera yet?

Forest:  No, I'll keep my eye out for one. The internet is super slow, I'm trying to send pictures of the botanical garden right now. Elder MInarik asked for you phone numbers and I gave him mom's and dad's. He says they're definetly coming to Twin!

Mom:  Awesome!   We are excited to meet him.  Are they coming through before or after conference?

Forest:  I'm not sure. I just sent the Ward's an email.  (Editor's note:  The Ward's are a couple in our ward that are basically a bonus set of grandparents to Forest)

Mom:  Good!  They will LOVE that!  Sam's tag is for unit 50.  

Forest:  Awesome! I really hope he gets one! I want one sooooo frickin bad haha

Mom:  You and dad both!  Did anyone get a picture of you with cake on your face?

Forest:  Yeah, I'll have Mariana Ricci send them to you if I remember. 

Mom:  Does she have a facebook?

Forest:  Yeah, she and Yolanda both do

Mom:  Have them friend us on there!!  

Forest:  Ok, I'll try to remember. I think we're going over there tomorrow

Mom:  Have you gotten to see any of the sights?  Taken very many photos?

Forest: Not really, there aren't very many cool things to see in our area. I'll try to take more photos when I get my new card.  
I gtg I'll talk to you guys next week! I love you guys!

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