Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Monday September 5th, 2016

Hey guys!
Thanks for the photos! This week has been really hard. It seems like all of our lessons fall through, and nobody will answer their door. It's been pretty hard, but it's part of the job. I got a hair cut last Monday, which I have pictures of. There's a lady that does it for free for missionaries, which is nice. 

I know you want to know about the Ricci family, who are awesome! I've been meaning to get a picture with them, I just haven't yet. But anyway, the mom says that they are ready to be baptized, but her husband doesn't support them at all, and she wants his support so it doesn't make their marriage hard. It kinda sucks, but I understand. 

Another one of our investigators, Hugo Lopez Gomez, is awesome! We've only been able to teach him the Restoration because of his work schedule, but he has quit drinking alcohol, without us even talking about it, and he's been telling his friends that he's mormon!

We now finally have water! It's been awesome! Luckily the water isn't so bad that we can't wash our dishes with it. We can even brush our teeth with it! As long as we don't swallow it.

Transfers will be next Monday. 

One of my most spiritual experiences thus far.... Probably this week actually. I feel like it's been taking me a long time to learn Spanish, but this week during one of our lessons, I read part of the introduction and some paragraphs in a folleto (pamphlet), and I was able to understand, then explain what I had read. It was awesome!

My favorite food has been this little taco things, I'm not sure what they're called. I want to learn how to make them, so I can make them for you guys in two years haha!  Hermana Ricci said that when I get picked, she wants me to come to her house, and she's gonna make those taco things for us.

We may be having a baptism next Saturday, hopefully.

Elder Minarik just told me that when he goes home, his dad wants to drive to Salt Lake for General Conference, then on the way home, stop in Twin for a while. Elder Minarik's grandma is from there, but they want to meet you guys, so that'd be cool!

Earlier today, we went to a botanical garden, which was pretty cool! And there's a picture of a huge moth in our house too. I love you guys! How's school going?

Elder Radmall

Okay, I don't know what it is about this computer, but it erased all of my pictures again, so I'll have to get the pictures from the garden from someone else. Sorry

Hey, I forgot to tell you. The other day on the street Benjamin Gill, which is a couple blocks West of our house. This guy got really mad at his wife and stabbed her to death! I'm kinda glad I didn't see that!  (Editor's note:  Kinda?)

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