Monday, November 28, 2016

Monday November 28th, 2016

Hey guys! 
                                            Elder Vargas and Elder Radmall on Preparation day (p-day).                                                                       

Dad: Thanksgiving was definetly not the same. I'll talk more about it in the main letter.
Mom: We see dead mice in the street, but we have yet to have one in the house.
Holly: We have... 12 investigators. They're progressing alright. Some faster than others.
Sam: If you promise not to tell Dylan. (Sam asked if he could know what Forest was giving Dylan for Christmas)
Dylan: I have not had to teach Primary yet.

Thanks for the pics! So, last week, I sent a picture of Peanut Butter, but didn't explain. One of our investigators gave it to us :) Peanut Butter here is about 40 pesos, and when you only have 400 pesos to buy everything you need in a week, it makes it hard to buy, so I was super excited and grateful that she gave us some!


We decided to stop by the Ricci home earlier this week. She started crying saying that she wants us to come by more often. A common phrase here is "Mi casa es su casa" which is "My house is your house" which she said a few times. She said that it's not only for the mission, but as well as after.

My companion was sick again, which sucked. But a lot of people here are getting sick. They say it's due to the climate change, but the temp changing 2 degrees isn't a climate change ;) The temp is going down quite a bit, which is awesome! It was soooo hot!

Having Thanksgiving here really made me realize why I like it so much. Yes, the food is amazing! (usually haha) but more importantly, I really like being with all the family! The food here wasn't nearly as good either. The potatoes, aren't Idaho potatoes :( We had chicken instead of turkey, and no stuffing or gravy. We had jello, and cake instead of pie. We did the best we could.


                                                   Thanksgiving gravy                                                              
Earlier we were walking in the street. Okay, first, here in Mexico only the police and the military have guns. The only other people that have them are the Narcos. So, we were walking in the street, and 3 guys got out of a car. One of them was holding an AR-15. They just looked at us and didn't even care. We now know of 2 different homes that have Narcos in them close to our house.

Speaking of the other Narco, he talked with us again. He loves politics. He kept telling my that Trump is crazy, and Hillary is even crazier. He asked me why Trump was president, and I was just like, "I don't know. I'm in Mexico, and we don't have internet." He seemed content with the answer, and didn't talk about them anymore. But, he gave us food again, and this time followed us home (It was close to 9:00 when we were talking to him) So, now he knows where we live. This is either good, or bad. Not in between. He likes us, so it could serve as a protection.

(They sure eat a lot of macaroni and cheese!)


(Glad he can cook something other than macaroni and cheese!)
On Wednesday, we were walking in the street, again, and this lady came up to us and asked if we had another book of scripture other than the Bible. She said that she was reading in the Bible, and that it says that there is another book of scripture. We took out a Book of Mormon and started teaching her about it. It was an awesome experience! The Lord is preparing people for us to teach.

                                                                                            (street light)

Elder Vargas
 One more experience. On Thursday, we had an apt. at 6, 7, and at 8. We had it planned perfectly to be home by 9:00. Well, the 6:00 apt. fell through, so we went to the next one. He was there, so we talked to him for a little while. He is struggling with some drug addictions and wants our help to overcome them. Well, our 8:00 apt. fell through as well. My companion needed to go to the bathroom, so we went back to the house. (It was almost 8:00) We had an hour still, so while he was in the bathroom, I prayed to know where we should go for the last hour. I felt that we needed to go and talk to these people in a little store around the corner from our house. So, we talked with them for a little while. They asked us questions about where we're from, why we're here in Culiacan and such. We found out that they clasify themselves as Catholic, but don't go to church. We gave them the first pamphlet, the Restoration, and they want us to come back this week to teach them. It was awesome!

John 3:5  and  14: 18,26

So, I shot a video of us walking in the street, but my finger was over the mic for part of it sorry haha I said this in Spanish in the video, but we are going to Isidro's house, from Paola's house.
I love you guys! Have an awesome week!

                                                       (It was so good to hear his voice!!!)

-Elder Radmall

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