Tuesday, February 21, 2017

February 20, 2017

     HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAM!!! I hope you had a great day, I thought about you a lot!

Me, Elder Suerez, Elder Meadows, Elder Calvo, Elder Torres, and Elder Hernandez

     I can't believe I hit 8 months tomorrow. It's gone by so fast! So, this week was super good, then it kinda sucked haha. Our investigator, Mario, progressed like crazy! He had many questions that we were able to answer directly and clearly. One of the main things were his prayers, they were recited. After we taught him about it he said that it just all made sense. 

     We invited him to give the closing prayer, which he willingfully did, and he said that he literally felt a difference. It was awesome! Later in the week, we passed by to visit him, and he's gone back to some of his old beliefs, such as that God and Jesus Christ are the same person, so we need to teach the trinity again. He's super smart, and has read hundreds of books. The lessons with him are some of my favorites.

     About five streets down from our house, a guy was shot in the street. We had the airconditioner going, so we didn't hear the shots, but just about everybody and their dog told us about it. God is watching over His missionaries.

     So, Wendy still isn't a member, and now she works on Sundays, but she told us that she works with someone who is inactive, and talks bad about the church. Wendy defended the church and its standards! It was awesome! She asked us for some clarification on some stuff, and told us that she still hasn't drank coffee. It's been about 2 months without the coffee.

After 3 minutes in the microwave, there were still that many kernels left

At one of our food appointments, they fed us mashed potatoes, chicken fried steak and frijoles.  It. was. awesome. I felt like I was eating food from Idaho again, except for the frijoles, which I love!

     This morning we got together with 4 other Elders and played basketball. I can still grab the rim! I was so happy! I guess I haven't gotten that fat haha

It's been a pretty good week! I love you guys!
-Elder Radmall

Dad: Ummm buena pregunta jaja One embarrassing moment, was quite a while ago, but I told someone that God can forgive them of their fishes instead of their sins. Fish in Spanish is pescado, sin is pecado. They're really close, but it sucked. Lately, nothing really embarrassing.

Mom: haha once.  I'm gonna cut it this week, but not super short.  (Hey, your hair looks good, it's longer.  Have you cut it since Christmas?  It was shooort!!) 

Holly: We're gonna eat pizza with her this week, I think on Thursday. (The Bishops wife in Mexico contacted Alisa via Facebook and asked for her recipe)

Sam: I love feeling the Spirit all the time, and I love scripture study. On that note, how has your scripture study been so far? (What do you like most about serving a Mission)

Dylan: We don't do a whole lot. We have to wash our clothes by hand, buy groceries, and clean the house. So we don't have a ton of time to do a lot of fun stuff. (What fun stuff do yo do on P-Day)

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