Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Monday February 13th, 2017

Hey guys! Thanks for the photos of Dylan and of me and Justin. This week was pretty good. It went by super fast! Monday was P-Day, Tuesday Multi-Zone Meeting, Wednesday we had splits, Thursday we had splits again, then the rest of the week was normal.

The flooding sounds crazy! (Massive flooding in Twin Falls County, mostly Buhl and Castleford and Cassia County)

The multi-zone meeting was pretty good. There were a lot of talks on keeping up on the area book. Because of a new rule, splits have to be in the area of the District Leader, and the District Leader has to go with the other Senior Companion, which meant that I was Senior Companion for two days. It was awesome! I didn't think I was ready to be the Senior  Companion, but I loved it! I learned that I know a lot more Spanish than I gave myself credit for. On Wednesday I went with Elder Torres.  He's from Veracruz, and has 4 and a half months in the mission. We 12 contacts and 2 new investigators. On Thursday I went with Elder Calvo (calvo in spanish means bald haha) but anyway, he's the companion of Elder Meadows and has about 1 month in the mission. We had 9 contacts and 3 new investigators. I work really well with those two guys. With Elder Hernandez we don't  have very many contacts for some reason.

We started teaching the Valenzuela family again. I went there with Elder Calvo, and Ruben made sure that Camila was either sitting down listening to the lesson, or outside playing, because he didn't want any disruptions since "the elders haven't been here in a while." We taught them again Friday and Saturday. They want us to keep coming back. They really missed us.

One of our investigators, Marcos Torres, was kind of hard to teach because he works a lot. He's security at Carl's Jr. His boss told him to rest for a while, because he got put at gunpoint! Scary for him, but now we get to teach him more, and he went to church on Sunday!

This week  I also got a letter from Grandma Tucker from last year haha 12-28-16 Thanks for all the support! From everybody! 

For some reason I didn't take any pictures this week, sorry. I love you guys! Have an awesome week!

-Elder Radmall

P. S. I forgot to tell you that Elder Nelson is coming on the 25th and 26th of this month, and missionaries get to have a meeting with him.
Dad: ummm If you send a package from home, I wouldn't mind some  piano music. But other than that some  snacks couldn't hurt haha (Are you needing anything? Snacks,stuff, anything kid!)

Mom: Yeah we do. I really like this dessert called Pastel de Galletas. I know how to make it, and plan on it when I get home. ( You mentioned cheesecake and cinnamon rolls in your letter.  Do you not get any good desserts in Mexico?)

Holly: A huge garden that I went to in my first transfer. ( What is your favorite place that you have gone on p-day?)

Sam: I really want to go to the Baja. Especially in the area Loretto.  (If you get transferred the end of the month, where are you hoping to go?)

Dylan: Lots of re-fried beans and rice. But the re-fried beans are super good, and there's a variety of flavors. Good job on basketball bud!!! (What do families mostly feed you?)

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