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Monday February 27th, 2017

Hey guys!
Last Tuesday we had splits with our Zone Leaders. I went with Elder Slocum who is from Colorado Springs, Colorado. Come to find out, he was in Crouch at the same time we were,  and even went to the same show! How crazy is that! As for Elder Sant, he's a really cool guy. We've talked quite a bit. (Elder Sant is a missionary from Carey, Idaho)


Trying a new food from Ruben.

We weren't able to work a ton this week due to my companion having a rash on his legs, which sucked. But the meetings with President Nelson were incredible!

The first meeting was on Saturday, but on Friday night at 10:30 p.m. President Gabaldon called me and asked me to play the prelude music the following morning. Of course I didn't deny him, but I was pretty nervous. Before the meeting, we all gathered to take a group picture. All the missionaries minus the missionaries in the Baja were there. Right after the picture was snapped, President Gabaldon called out my name, so I went down to him. He asked me to go play while everybody was shaking hands with President Nelson, and that I would have an opportunity to shake his hand later. After President Nelson shook all of the missionary's hands, he came up on stage and shook the hands of his translators directly behind me, then turned to me and said "I didn't get to shake Elder Radmall's hand." He stopped the piano playing so he could shake my hand, it was awesome!

In the beginning of his message, he said that his plane in Mexico City was delayed for quite a few hours, and since General Authorities don't have a lot of time to prepare their talks for General Conference, he took the opportunity to prepare it there. He said that in General Conference he's gonna say that his talk was "hecho en Mexico" which means "made in Mexico" haha
His message was amazing. He gave us 10 different subtitles that are given to Jesus Christ and expounded on each one of them. One of my favorite parts was when he said that we too often see the name Jesus Christ as a first name and a last name,  and that is incorrect. It's Jesus the Christ. Christ is His title. On Sunday he talked a lot about how parents need to teach the Doctrine of Christ to their children. But not just teach it, teach it in a way that they understand it. He also stressed the importance of having a weekly family home evening.


3 Elders serving from the Twin Falls South Stake:  Elder Murillo, Elder Radmall, and Elder Atkins.


(Mario's office, an investigator)

Earlier in the week I received a letter from the Higginson family, dated January 7, 2017. (A family in our ward)

Thanks for all the pictures! Sam,  I'm loving the 7B sign! 

I love you guys! Have an awesome week!

-Elder Radmall

P.S.  We did not get transferred this week.

Questions and answers:

Dad: Of healing, no, but of comfort. (Have you had opportunity to give blessings of healing while in Culiacan?)

Mom: Yes, more than once.  ( Have you ever been worried to eat the food that people are serving you because you don't know what it is?)

Holly: We were asked once, but then the priests arrived.  (Have you been asked to bless or pass the sacrament?)

Sam: I wish I had piano sheet music. (What is one thing that you wish had but don't?)

Dylan: Elder Atkins made a list of the type of food he can't eat, so the members make something else.   (How do the members handle feeding the missionaries that are gluten free?)

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