Monday, February 6, 2017

Monday February 6th, 2017

Hey guys! 

I knew that I forgot to say something last week. Last week was the last week of the month, and we didn't have any money. We had to pay the light bill, and I was hoping I would have a reimbursment from the previous month, but it didn't come in time, so we had to use the last of the money to pay it, so we didn't have any food in the house for breakfast or dinner. Every single night last week different members and investigators invited us over to eat dinner. The Lord really watches over his missionaries.


Studying outside the house has been awesome! I love it! It's a lot more calming and spiritual. Over the past week or so, there have been a lot of helicopters fly over. The only helicopters that fly over are military helicopters,  so it makes me wonder what's going on...

I'm not sure how, but last Monday Elder Vargas gave me a brand new scripture case. I'm not sure how he managed to get it, but it was awesome! Also, the glue on my English scriptures worked perfectly!


This week has been tough with our investigators. We stopped teaching Israel, Franklin isn't keeping committments so we're gonna teach him less, and the we're gonna stop teaching the Valenzuela family for a week or so because they aren't progressing either. But we did find a part member family and started to teach them. The dad, a nonmember whose name is Abraham, accepted my invitation to be baptized, and his wife, a less active member named Bianca, had good questions about repentance.

We also contacted a lady in a little store named Lucrecia. She's Catholic, but has some problems with the church. We  started to  teach her, and she said that she really likes what she hears. She had questions about tithing, so we taught a little bit about that, and she likes how the funds are used, which is one problem she had with the Catholic church.

There's an old lady in our ward named Sister Trejo who is about 92. We visit her about once a week. She's awesome!

One of the recent converts we teach, Genaro, found Root Beer and invited us over for Root Beer floats. They were awesome! I felt like I was back at Grandma and Grandpa Tucker's home. All that was missing were the games, and a western movie haha!




Dad: Not really, but Meadows and his companion are planning to come over to our area to play ball.  (Do the Missionaries get together as a district on P-Day and play? We did.)

Mom: They're really big in to soccer, but they watch the superbowl too.  (What do the they do in Mexico that compares with the Superbowl?)

Holly: Ruben. His attitude reminds me a  lot of our family, and he's the only person I can talk about guns with haha  ( Who has been your favorite investigator and why?)

Sam: Ruben and his family  (Are there any investigators you're super close with and who are they?)

Dylan: Usted a avisto misioneros antes? Have you seen missionaries before?  (What's the number one question you ask people on the street?)

I love you guys! Have a great week!

-Elder Radmall

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