Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Monday April 10th, 2017

Hey guys! So first off, I'm getting transferred! I'm going to an area called Navolato. About two months ago the missionaries there got robbed. I will also be training a new missionary. Elder Minarik told me that the hardest thing to do in the mission, is open an area, and train at the same time, which is what I'll be doing. Everyone we talk to tells me that the area is super dangerous, that I need to be careful, but the area is really pretty! It's a little poor town. I'm really excited, but also pretty nervous.

Earlier this week, we were gonna go help the Sister Missionaries do a service project for one of their investigators. They weren't able to go on their own because their investigator is a guy, and lives alone. But anyway, the Sister Missionaries had found a box of kittens on the side of the road, and were trying to find a home for them. The service project fell through, so we tried to help them find a home for the kittens for about 20 minutes with no luck. Elder Hernandez got quickly attached to them. Finally, the Sister Missionaries called us and let us know that they found a home for them. I'm not sure who was happier...me, or Elder Hernandez haha


In this past General Conference, President Uchtdorf encouraged us to learn more about the signs of the Second Coming.  In the Spanish Book of Mormon, there's a section entitled "Signs of the Times". I went through every reference and looked it up in English so I would understand everything, and so I could really study it. I studied it for 4 hours on a day when Elder Hernandez was sick. After those 4 hours, I knew a lot more, and had 7 pages of notes. It was awesome!

At one point during the week, Elder Hernandez asked me how I learned Spanish so quickly. I didn't know that I knew very much, but he told me that I understand just about everything, which is extremely weird for the amount of time I have been in the mission, so that was pretty cool.

On Saturday, we were saying goodbye to the Davalos family, and they were getting ready to go on vacation. Gregorio, the dad, was assembling a cargo holder thing that goes on the top of the car, and he could not figure out a certain part. He had watched videos, but just couldn't get it. He asked me to help him, and I got it super quick. It was awesome!

Elder Radmall following directions.
Lightning McQueen!!!

I love you guys! Have a great week!

-Elder Radmall


Dad: I'm doing great!  (How's your health?)

Mom: I think mostly just getting excited to share the gospel.   (What are the greatest needs of the people in your ward?)

Holly: My favorite hymn is "A Poor Wayfaring Man of Grief". At first, yeah it was kinda hard, but not anymore now that I know how to pronounce the words.  (What is your favorite hymn and is it hard to sing them in Spanish?)

Sam: The Valenzuela Family. We've grown really close to them.  (What will you miss most if you get transferred?)

Dylan: Thankfully no.  (Have you had to eat any dog meat?)

Email #2  (After he got to his new area)

I still haven't had time to read the letters, we've been super busy with the new missionaries. I got three from home, one from Maddie, and one from the Higginsons. The missionaries in the mission offices didn't say anything to me about any packages, but I'm sure that they're under a lot of stress right now due to lots of new missionaries coming in today.   My companion is native. His name is Elder Arzate, from Mexico City.

My other areas were (sorry, don't remember how to say it in English) bien tranquilo, but this area isn't, so I'm gonna have to really bring out my street skills. Yeah, my companion is pretty cool. He has two older brothers, one serving a mission right now, and the other returned about 9 years ago from this mission. I think we're gonna have an awesome time!

I'm in my new area right now. It's flippin' huge! it's big enough that we have bikes. The bikes are the mission's.  Tomorrow we're gonna have to study the map like crazy and try to talk to some members. We live on the second floor of some members who are awesome! They told us that the bishop lives far away from our home, so that'll suck. I'm about to get comfortable talking in Spanish on the phone. I've literally been on the phone all day trying to get us a ride from the mission offices to the area, and I did okay.

The area is the city Navolato, and the little towns that surround it. It's a pretty dangerous area. A month or so ago, someone planted a bomb on a bus and blew it up, and about two months ago the missionaries got robbed while they were riding their bikes.

Love you guys!  Stay safe!

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