Monday, April 17, 2017

Monday April 17th, 2017

Hey guys! This week was pretty good! I found a 9mm shell on the ground haha!!  I love training! I can do more of the things how I like to do them. The area is super big! and there´s a ton of work to do here! Our Area Book doesn't have much in it, and the people that it does have, don´t have addresses or phone numbers, which is really frustrating! But this week we made 28 contacts, and we have 9 new investigators. The elder I´m training is Elder Arzate, from Mexico City. He tells me that I´m super obedient, which I take as a compliment haha! His brother is also serving a mission in Sonora.

This area, Navolato, reminds me a lot of Twin.

With the river, canals, fields, and everything. 

The people here are really receptive. The ward is pretty small though, about 50 people attend the meeting. I guess there are a lot of in-actives. On Wednesday we went to eat with one of the members, and she had us sit down on her couch while she finished preparing the food. After a minute or so she came back in and told us that her husband is inactive, and that if we want to talk to him we can. He was sitting out front, so we got up to go talk to him. When we were in front of him, Elder Arzate said, "Do you believe in God?" and he said "Do you?" Elder Arzate replied, "yes." and this inactive member said "Good for you." I was like, bro. you don´t start the conversation like that with and inactive member haha!! So, I just started talking to him, turns out he´s a mechanic, so we talked quite a bit about that. We gave him our number for if he needs anything, and then he actually ate with us. 

When we got to church, in walked this inactive member. His name is Ricardo, and I guess he was the bishop like 30 years ago. Hopefully he comes this Sunday too.

After church we talked a lot with the bishop. I guess the ward is really divided, so we planned an activity to try and reunite the ward. The bishop is a good guy.  He told us that he´s always had this type of idea, he´s just never done it.

Our ward mission leader, Fidel, is a real good guy. He reminds me a ton of Grandpa Tucker. How he talks, walks, his actions,  everything reminds me of Grandpa Tucker which has been fun. He took us out to lunch today for sushi.


Our room


I´ve also received letters this past week. From mom and dad with the Plan of Salvation kit, Grandma Tucker, and from the Higgensens. Thanks for all the love and support! and Congratulations Holly! (Getting asked to prom) That's awesome! I hope you have a great time!

I love you guys! Have an awesome week!

-Elder Radmall

Dad: I´m loving it! but it can be a little difficult at times.  It´s a  little stressful, but I like it. (How are you liking training a new companion?)

Mom: It´s a lot like my other ones. Really small, but there are quite a few more kids in this one.  (How is your new ward?)

Holly: He´s a good guy, he´s missing his girlfriend.   (Tell me about your new companion.)

Sam: It´s about 50/50.  (Are the roads paved in your new area?)

Dylan: It´s quite a bit smaller than the other ones I've lived in, and it´s above the house of some members.  ( Tell me about your new home.)

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