Monday, July 3, 2017

Monday July 3rd, 2017

Dad, that story is awesome! Thanks for sharing that with me. (See story at the end of this post.)

This week was pretty good. We're able to work pretty normal now, but it feels kinda weird getting back in the swing of things. Well, first things first, we didn't get transferred. But my companion is from Mexico City, and they're known for being able to eat a lot of spicy food, and he likes to brag about that. This week we went to eat with a member whose salsa was almost pure chiles. After just about 2 or 3 bites, my companion was freaking out, sucking in air, and putting salt directly on his tongue ha ha! I hadn't even started to sweat yet! It was awesome! Then one of the members challenged us to eat a spoonful of the salsa, but I made him go first. Nothing happened to him, my companion ate his spoonful, freaked out and started sucking air again, then I ate 2 spoonfuls and was totally fine. It was awesome! 

We also got permission to go on a jeep ride with this member which was really cool. He said he would send me the videos, but he hasn't yet so I´ll have to talk to him.

The other day we made a really cool contact. It´s a husband and wife, and we just started talking to them. He was raised Catholic, and she was raised Christian. At one point I felt prompted to bring up that with just us four there, there were three different churches. And if there is only one God, why are there so many different churches. They said it was a good question, and that they didn't know the answer. So we taught them about how Christ established His church, the apostasy, and the Restoration. It was awesome! The only problem is the he's a cop, so his day off rotates, and they live with her parents, so they didn't feel comfortable giving us the address, but we have their phone number. Hopefully we can find them again!

On Friday night before we went home, we went to buy some Quesadillas al Pastor, which are really good! Each one costs 20 pesos, and we ordered 8. While we were waiting, we noticed a guy that kept eyeing us while he was eating with his friends. After a few minutes our order was ready and we went to pay. When we went to give the lady our money, she told us that that guy paid for us. It was a really cool experience.

I'm not sure what's going on with this computer, but I can't send pics, so you'll just have a bunch next week.

Have an awesome week!

-Elder Radmall


Dad: No, even they get sick from it. (Do the locals drink the water form the tap, and is that ever talked about?)

Mom: Mosiah 28:3 (What scriptures have inspired you this week?)

Holly: I liked the talk by Elder Rasband about recognizing the Holy Ghost.  (What was your favorite conference talk and why?)

Sam: The food is really good in this area. Better than in Culiacán. (What is the coolest thing in this area?)

Dylan: lots of fruit trees (What are some trees you have there, that we don't have here?)

Elder Holland's story as mentioned above:

Elder Holland closed by relating a story — being careful to protect the privacy and anonymity of the participants — of a young man from southern Idaho. One night the young man stormed out of the house and set off to join an infamous motorcycle gang. He succeeded in that resolve and for 20 years became immersed in a culture “of temptations yielded to and degradation's explored,” never contacting his parents, who feared that he was dead.
Eventually ending up in Southern California, he one day was sitting on the porch of a rented home when he saw two LDS missionaries making their way up the street.
“With a rush of memory and guilt, regret and rage, he despised the very sight of them,” Elder Holland recounted. “But he was safe, because he kept all visitors at bay by employing two Doberman Pincers who viciously charged the gate every moment that anyone came near.”
The dogs startled the missionaries as they passed by and continued on, “our man on the porch laughing at the lovely little drama he had just witnessed, wishing only that the gate hadn’t restrained his two dogs.”
Then, the two elders stopped, looked at each other, conversed a little, “likely said a silent prayer,” then turned around and approached the gate.
“The Dobermans on cue charged the gate again, hit it, snarling, frothing, and then stopped in their tracks,” Elder Holland said. “They looked at the missionaries, dropped their heads, ambled back to the front steps and lay down.”
The man on the porch was speechless as they missionaries opened the gate, walked up the path and greeted him.
“One of the elders said, ‘Are you from this part of California?’
“The man said, ‘No. If you want to know, I’m from Pocatello, Idaho.’
“There was a pause. ‘That’s interesting,’ the elder said. ‘Do you know the [such-and-such] family in Pocatello?’
“With a stunned look, our biker paused, and then, in very measured words, said, ‘Yeah, I know them. They are my parents.’
“ ‘Well, they’re my parents too,’ the missionary said. ‘God has sent me to invite you to come home.’ ”
The younger brother had been born after the older boy had left home. The elder brother did not even know of him.
“Mom and Dad have been praying for you every morning and night for 20 years,” the younger brother said. “They were not sure you were alive, but they knew if you were, that someday you would come back to us.”
The wayward son invited the two in, and they talked for the rest of the day and some of the night. He did return home, returned to Church activity and, in March 2015, was married and sealed in the Boise Idaho Temple.
Commenting on the account, Elder Holland said, “This is a story of the role of Almighty God, the Savior of the World, and the Holy Ghost involved in the work of the ministry to which we’ve been called.
“The Holy Ghost prompted those parents to keep praying, to keep believing, to keep trusting. … The Holy Ghost inspired that rebellious boy to come to himself like the prodigal he was and to head for California. … The Holy Ghost influenced that younger son to serve a mission and be willing to accept a call to Southern California. … The Holy Ghost inspired one of my brethren in the Twelve, who was on the assignment desk that Friday, to trust his impression and assign that young man for service not a great distance from his native-born state. The Holy Ghost inspired that mission president to assign that young missionary to that district and that member unit. The Holy Ghost led those missionaries to that street, that day, that hour, with big brother sitting on the porch waiting, and, with Doberman Pincers notwithstanding, the Holy Ghost prompted those to elders to stop, talk and in spite of their fear, to go back and present their message. …
“And, through the elders, the Holy Ghost taught repentance and brought true conversion to one coming back into the fold.”
Elder Holland said the young elder, without realizing it, gave the missionary speech of all time, when he said to his brother, “God has sent me here to invite you to come home.”
“We are sent by God to invite His children home,” Elder Holland concluded. “We do that through the Holy Ghost, the Comforter, the Spirit of Truth, on the strength of the Atonement of Jesus Christ. Welcome to the divine companionship.”

Talk given June 27th, 2017 to new mission presidents at the Missionary Training Center in Provo, UT

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