Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Monday July 10th, 2017

Wow! What a week! 

One of the coolest parts is that one day, we had planned to visit a really small town a ways away. While we were riding the bikes downtown to exit the city, the brakes on my companion's bike started to put pressure on the tire so that it couldn't be moved. They're new, so it really sucked. But I took apart the brakes, thinking that we could then at least push the bike or ride carefully to a bike shop, but the tire still didn't move. We decided to pray and read the scriptures about what we should do. When we opened the scriptures, we read the scripture that says that there are people here that need the gospel. It was a really cool experience.



(They must have been good!  :) )

We decided to go to this a little park here in Navolato kinda like City Park, but smaller, and there was a group of 7 guys that we went to contact. They were all older guys and had lots of questions that we were answering. One buy one they all left except 2. It was about 8 at night. One of the guys was legally crazy, talking about how we´re creations from aliens and that they come and check on us once in a while and such. The other guys was sitting next to him looking at me, then looking at that guy, then rolling his eyes ha-ha I let my companion talk to the crazy dude, and I sat on the bench next to the other guy. He started out by telling me that that guys is really crazy ha-ha but then he started asking me questions about the Plan of Salvation. He told me that a few years ago one of his daughters died of anorexia, and only had one other daughter, and his son. Two months ago his son disappeared, leaving behind his wife and two kids. He told me that his son was a really good guy, and he´s not sure what happened. He said that some people tell him that his son is dead, and others say that he´s alive, and he´s really worried. He and I talked for a little while, and I could see that my companion was ready to leave ha-ha so I asked him if I could write down his address so we could come visit him another time. To this he replied, "Can you come visit my family right now?" It was awesome! I checked the time, 8:30, and said of course, let's go. He gave us a ride to his house, had his wife come out to the Living Room, and called his daughter-in-law. When they all got there, we just talked with them and shared some scriptures to help comfort them, and gave them Priesthood Blessings. The wife of this guy said that she could feel a power go through her body. It was really cool! 

On Sunday two people came that we didn't recognize.  After the meeting we went to talk to them and they told us that they are looking for a church to join because they don´t like the Catholic Church. They stayed all 3 hours, and we have an appointment with them tomorrow. It was an awesome week!

Elder Azarte's birthday

            Bus ride                  



Whoa...too close!!

The scripture I read that I really like this week is:  "Thou therefore hardness, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ."  2 Timothy 2:3

I hope you all had a great week, and will have an even better one this week!

-Elder Radmall

(Isn't this floor beautiful?!!)


Dad: They have 5 kids, one is married and living in Culiacan, and one just got home from her mission. The dad owns a little store and works there with his kids. We don't interact with them too much. They're usually doing something, whether that´s work, school, or if they're just having some fun.  (My question must suck, they aren't spiritual...I want to know about the Family you live with, work, kids, do you interact with them, that kinda stuff.)

Mom: We've only had that problem with the Catholics, and we just ask them if they think that a baby can commit sin, and they usually say that they are born with the Original Sin, so we explain that the Law of Moses was completed with Jesus Christ. After we explain that and the purpose of baptism, they usually understand.    (What do you tell investigators when they tell you that they have already been baptized in another church so, they don't need to be baptized again?)

Holly: Well, ordinances are actions, like baptism, and the covenant is the promise made.
Sam: It depends on the person because we teach people, not lessons. It depends on what they need at that time.  (What is the best way to teach someone the connection between ordinances and covenants?)

Sam: It depends on the person because we teach people, not lessons. It depends on what they need at that time.  (What is the first lesson that you teach investigators and what is the first scripture that you have them read?)

Dylan: . .  no :(  (Have you gotten to go to any cool sporting events?)

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