Monday, July 24, 2017

Monday July 24th, 2017

Thanks for all the pics! It looks like I´ll have to find a job in Garden Valley haha which would actually be pretty sweet!

This week was pretty good. We´re still teaching Ramón and his family, but his wife's mom isn't feeling good so they´ll be gone this week... :( As far as new investigators go, in a week we usually have about six, but in one day this week, we had 5 new investigators! It was awesome!
We had interviews with President Gabaldón again this week which were good as always. He always seems to show up late though haha! 

The name of the church on my name tag has almost completely worn off, and the new one that I bought got here this week. I feel weird being able to show people the actual name of our church again using my own name tag.

Not a ton really happened this week. Oh! I almost forgot to tell you. So, our bishop works in what's called Uber. It´s like a taxi system, but you request a car by an app on your phone, and the cars can't be really old cars like most of the taxis here. They have to pass an inspection. So our bishop was breaking the Sabbath ... and his car got stolen while he was driving around in Culiacán. They pulled him over, put a gun to his head, and told him to get out. He lost his car and his cell phone. It's a really sad story, especially since lots of people in this area live in humble circumstances, but it's a good lesson to learn as well. Keep the Sabbath day holy.

I love you guys! Have a great week!

-Elder Radmall


Dad: Sí, pero aquí en Navolato no tenemos mucha lluvia. Pero en Culiacán esta lloviendo bien machín!...Yes, but here in Navolato we do not have much rain. But Culiacán is raining well! ( Has the rainy season started yet, and if not when does it?)

Mom: Yo como casi cada fruta...I eat almost every fruit.  ( You say that you are liking more fruits now...what are they?)

Holly: Ummm hay mas mosquitos en Culiacán que aquí, pero esta otro insecto que pica, pero no sé cómo se llama... Ummm there are more mosquitoes in Culiacan than here, but this other insect that stings, but I do not know what it's called. ( How bad are the mosquitoes and is there anything else that bites you?)

Sam: Yo quiero Mountain Dew y RC Cola...I want Mountain Dew and RC Cola. ( What kind of pop are you looking forward having when you get home, that they don't have in Mexico?)

Dylan: Mi gusta "descansando" mas, pero realmente no es descansando porque mi gusta caminar y hacer algunas cosas afuera la casa...I like "resting" more, but it really is not resting because I like to walk and do some things outside the house. ( What did you like most about Garden Valley when we went...the theater or resting/game playing in the cabin.)

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