Monday, July 17, 2017

Monday July 17th, 2017

Thanks for all the pics and the videos! I've really missed swimming! Especialmente con este calor!!! (Especially with this heat!!!)

This week was quite difficult. Like to the point where I was starting to get down a little bit. Just about no one wanted to accept our message. Just about everyone told us that they live with their in-laws and that they don't like to talk about religion, so we can't stop by their house. But they say that they're always in the park downtown in the evenings, so if they see us down there they'll yell out to us. I'm just like, are ya kidding me?  It was quite frustrating. 

But one cool thing is that I got to watch a chicken fight. It was pretty interesting. They hold their roosters and bring them close to each other, then separate them, bring them close again, separate them again, and then let them loose to fight. It was pretty cool.

We're continuing to teach Ramón and his family. We're now teaching 9 people in that home which is pretty cool. The hard part is that Ramón´s wife is really invested in her religion, and wants us to show her in the  Bible where everything that we teach is. One of the questions that she asked us is Where is the Spirit World. That answer doesn't come in the Bible. I've found a scripture that says that the Bible doesn't contain everything, and I also found a few contradictions in the Bible to read when people try to tell us that the Bible is perfect. I don´t want to be rude to her at all, but I think that it's almost time to share these scriptures with her to help her realize the importance of the Book of Mormon more, as well as the other scriptures.

It was a pretty slow week as far as missionary work goes, but the time saddle is flying by!

Have a great week! I love you guys!

-Elder Radmall


Dad: Like crazy!!!  (Do you feel like the time is going by super fast too?)

Mom: I want to go up to the mountains.  (What vacation would you like to take as a family when you get home?)

Holly: Yes. When I draw, it takes me quite a while to finish.  (Do you take time to work on your drawings?)

Sam: It depends. If I´m gonna start up my own business, I´ll start the fall semester. But if I´m gonna go work at CAT, school doesn't start until January.  (How many months/years do you plan to wait before attending college?)

Dylan: It´s not a game, but my companion and I really like to talk about the deep doctrine stuff. 
(What's your favorite game to play with your companion?)

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