Monday, August 7, 2017

Monday August 7th, 2017

That's awesome dad!  (Matt had just finished a large CPTED presentation for County West) and Dylan, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! and I love the sprinkler dance hahaha!  (I sent videos to Forest of Dylan dancing at their cousin McKenna's wedding reception.)


This week was pretty good! We're now in the last week of the transfer, and I'm kinda hoping for a new area, I mean, I've been in the same Stake my entire mission so far, so I think it's time.
This week we had a multi-zone meeting and splits with our District Leader, but we were still able to pull out 6 new investigators this week. So, while we were sitting down waiting for the multi-zone meeting to start, one of the Assistants came over to me and asked me to conduct the meeting which was pretty cool. Since I was conducting, I sat next to President Gabaldón, which was awesome! He taught me a couple things from the scriptures during the meeting, and just talked to me about things during the breaks. A lot of missionaries are scared of him, but I felt super comfortable.

The night of the multi-zone meeting, we slept in our District Leaders house since we had splits the next day. So we bought pizza and pop and had a great time just joking around. But before we went to their house, we went to visit some investigators that they are teaching. These investigators have given a cup with a picture of the missionary and a member of the family to Elder Finkner, and to Elder Muñoz, and when we went, they took a picture of me and one of their sons, and told me that they're going to give me a cup too. It was only my second time seeing them haha !

Since we weren't able to work to much in our area during the week, on Saturday we were running all over the place! From appointment to appointment. It was super tiring!

Yesterday at church, Jaime (the guy with the jeep) told us that we could come eat with them in the evening. He had asked us what we wanted to eat, and my companion said fish tacos. When we got to his house, he loaded us in the jeep, we swung by for some of his friends, and away we went. We thought we were just gonna eat at his house, but he took us an hour away from Navolato, which is still our area, to a friends house, and there we ate our fish tacos. It was a long trip to eat fish tacos haha!

Also, dad, I got a letter from you.
Mom, there´s a lady here that was born the exact same date as you. right down to the year. What time were you born?

Here are a few scriptures that I liked this week: 2 Nephi 2:11   but when it says "my firstborn in the wilderness" put in your own name.
                                                                         1 Pedro 3:12

-Elder Radmall

​A video of part of the ride we were given from Culiacán to Navolato, and my companion snoring haha!!


Dad:  We have to buy jugs of water to drink. It´s like a dollar for 10 gallons  (Do you have filtered water at your house?)

Mom:  I read your letters first, and yes, I can print but, it costs haha!  (Are you able to print out our emails or just read them there?  Do you read ours before you type to us or do you just read the questions to answer and then type?)

 Holly:  Yes, about every week.  (Do the locals ever play live music out on the street?)

Samuel:  Coming home haha!!  Ummmmmm I think just the unknown.  (What's the scariest thing about serving a mission?)

Dylan:  Alma the Younger  (What's your favorite scripture story?)

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