Monday, November 7, 2016

November 07, 2016

          (Forest and Clark, From same stake, in same mission, both in the Culiacan Zone...Amazing!)

Hey guys!

(Editors note: Forest answers our questions)

 I do like the idea of me getting to "draw" a name. (Christmas with our kids)
Dad: Yes. We do both. Mainly in the streets. We just walk around the streets, and if we feel prompted to knock on a door, we knock. (Where do you do contacting)
Mom: We don't get a whole lot of desserts. We get this cheesecake type thing that's really good though.
Holly: Well... I walk haha People play sports, go to the movies, bowl. It's pretty similar here. (What do people do for fun in Mexico)
Sam: Church starts at 11:00. The name of my ward is Jardines (Whats the name of your ward)
Dylan: I bought a hat that says "SIN" on it. It stands for Sinaloa. But it's also funny in English since I'm a missionary. ( Have you bought any souveniors)

     The picture that President Atkins sent you is probably of our Zone. It's the biggest Zone in the mission! I'm gonna try to send some letters home probably next week sometime. Just so you know. Earlier this week, Hermana Beltran took us out for dinner to a new taqueria called "San Juan's". It was super good!

     Hermano Juan told us that he takes his Book of Mormon to work with him, and that when his buddies are drinking beer, and he feels tempted to drink with them, he pulls it out and reads it for strength. The Book of Mormon has incredible power!

     Elder Vargas was sick for a couple days this week. We didn't get to do a whole lot which sucked, but oh well! He was in the bathroom most of Friday night. He's feeling better now though.
While we were walking home the other day, this guy called out to us after we had passed him. When we turned around to look at him, he lifted up his beer and said, "this one's for you" then took a drink. We said thanks and moved on. But it waws kinda funny.

     When we were walking home yesterday, this guy asked us to come over to him. He was super drunk and only wanted to talk about American Politics. Elder Vargas told him that I didn't know very much Spanish so he would stop talking about it. He asked if we had dinner, and I had a bag with some cake and some bread in it from the Ruiz family, so that was our dinner for the moment. He told us to wait there while he went into the house. When he went in, he whistled quietly and some other grown men in the house quieted down and moved to a different room where we could no longer see them from the street. He came back out with two fried fish for us to take home, and another bottle of beer for himself. We asked him if there was anything we could do to help him, and he said that he fixes the problems of Culiacan. Elder Vargas is pretty sure that he's a Narco. So, I've shaken hands with a member of Mexico's drug gang.

     Here, there are already people putting up their Christmas lights :/ Everything in the stores is Christmas already.

     The Lopez Gomez family is planning on getting baptized on the 17th of next week.
We ate with the Bishop's family again yesterday, and their little daughter Kim would whisper secrets in my ear while we were eating. She wanted me to go color with her on the couch, but to not tell my companion haha She's about 5. It was really funny!

I love you guys! I hope you're having a great week!

-Elder Radmall

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