Thursday, November 24, 2016

November 24, 2016

Hey guys!

     Dad: I'm gonna miss the people here. They're awesome! But I'm sure there're good people in every area. It's gonna suck not knowing the area very well for a little while, or what bus goes where.
The Ward is also pretty small. The picture from last week with quite a few people in it, is our entire ward. The photo was taken in the chapel. I have written in my journal every day. I need to do better about the Spiritual things too.

     Mom: They have a primary, but I'm not sure if they'll be doing a Primary Christmas Program. The Primary is pretty small. Darin from High Desert Meats has not emailed me.

     Holly: I've had dogs get really close to me while barking and growling, but I don't run, so no, I haven't been chased haha

     Sam: We have the option of riding a bus, but we mostly walk. It's about a mile or so.

     Dylan: No, I have not read any of the Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites books.

Isidro and his wife Rosa​

     Earlier this week we were talking to one of our investigators, Alexis, and his cousin was there. It was evening, so it was starting to get a little dark. His cousin thought that I was about 23. She also thought I was Mexican haha. Alexis has a baptism date for the 10th of December.
This week we've really realized just how much time we've spent with the Lopez Gomez family, and the Ricci family. It was pretty hard to plan!

     One night earlier this week, we had decided to try contacting around our house since it was almost time to return home, and we didin't have any appointments. We hadn't gone very far when this dog, who was laying next to a house, came out in the street  and started barking at us. It was almost as if he was guarding the road. So, we decided to just turn around and go home. About a minute after we got home, we heard two gunshots and screams coming from the area we would've been. The Lord works in mysterious ways.

     Also, Elder Atkins suggested that you guys set up a "skype" account for me and email me the information. That way we can save some time on Christmas.

(Forest always had a way with the Girls)

     On Thursday, I went on splits with Elder Huaraccallo. He's from Peru, and has one less transfer than me in the mission. When we got to our lunch appointment, the Hermana was running around frantically. Her dad was upstairs super sick, mentally and physically. When we went upstairs, he was rolling around on the bed, occasionally falling off, then crawling back on. When he reached for his Virgen Mary statue, it fell off the nightstand and broke. He would also trying clawing his way through the cement wall. They had a car outside, but he wouldn't leave. So Elder Huaraccallo and I had to carry him to the car. The Hermana apologized over and over and said that any food we could find in the house we could have. She had made some food that was on the stove, so we just ate that. But it was a crazy experience.

 (Some of Forest's area in Culiacan)
This is an old market place, the writing says something about Fruit.

     I learned yesterday that my companion knows who Rocky is. It really suprised me! But he's only seen the 4th one.

     I'll have to send letters next week because the post office was closed today.

Hermano Juan

I love guys! Talk to ya next week!

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