Monday, November 14, 2016

November 14, 2016

Hey guys!

     That´s scary about Ian! I hope he gets better soon! I´ll keep him in my prayers. (Editors Note: Ian is Forest's cousin, he was to leave for Peru on Wednesday, however he had an accident hitting his head that has pushed back his departure date to December 28th, Bummer!)

     I always thought that our area was safe, especially considering the pictures I saw before I came out. I now know why I thought it was safe: I couldn't understand what people were telling us haha I have now learned that on the far side of our area, gunshots go off nightly. The Lopez Gomez family warned us about it one day when we were there at 7:30. Other people warn us to be careful in general more than I realized. I'm glad I'm on the Lord's errand.

     Some more information on the Lopez Gomez family. Some good news and sadly some bad news. Their daughter, Naomi who is 8, quotes scriptures and stories from the Book of Mormon in our lessons. She is super smart and is learning super fast! As you know, they have a baptism date for this Thursday. Not anymore :( Yesterday they said they don't want to be baptized. The dad doesn't want to because he wants to drink on Christmas, and the girls don't want to because they want to wear immodest clothing. It's super frustrating! Just last week they were all so excited for baptism!

     We have another investigator, Paola Rojo, who is in her late 20s and has a little boy. She REALLY wants to get baptized! We suggested the date the 3rd of December so she can have enough Sundays. And she said, "Why not earlier?" She has the date the 26th of November. She'll lack one Sunday, so we got permission from President Gabaldon to baptize her anyway! She is learning so fast!

     On Trump: I cannot even tell you how tired I am of talking about him. Everybody wants to talk about him, and everybody down here, except for the American Missionaries, hate him. It sucks.

                              (The Jardine Ward, where Forest is serving )

     On Friday, we had a 5 hour meeting with President Piper, one of the area 70s. He's also from Idaho. Well, we knew about it all week, and obviously it was going to be in Spanish, and I really wanted to understand it. The night before the conference I prayed earnestly for help. I could understand him well enough to take a couple pages of notes! How awesome is that! And since then, I can understand everybody else a lot better too! Prayer is so powerful! Some of the council he gave, was that when we have investigators that aren't progressing, stop wasting your time with them. Sadly, we've had to apply that council this week with the Lopez Gomez Family, and also the Ricci Family. They no longer want us to talk to them about the gospel. I hate Satan!

                                                  (Elder Vargas the Companion)

     One of the members, who is a recent convert, in his 50s, is super hilarious. His name is Ramon. His wife, Luz, doesn't want to get baptized until February when her daughter will be here. We went over there to talk with them the other day, and Luz was at the store. We asked Ramon do give the opening prayer, and in his prayer, he prayed for his wife to hurry and get home with the cake, and for his stomach, so it would feel well enough to eat the cake. haha it was really funny... and the cake was pretty good :)

                                                (Forest wanted us to know he's eating good)

     On Saturday, we were walking down the street, and there was this lady sitting on the side of the road, crying. We walked by and said "Good Afternoon" like we do to everybody. When we walked by her, I felt the Spirit super strongly that we should go back and talk to her, so we did. Turns out she's been less active for 5 years, and is having a rough time going through boyfriends and such. We ended up talking to her for 45 minutes! Three times the bus she needed passed by, but she wanted to talk with us instead. By the end of our visit, she was laughing and smiling with us. It was awesome!

I love you guys! I hope you have an awesome week!
-Elder Radmall

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