Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Monday October 31st, 2016

I like the title of the email in Spanish haha (Editor's note:  We titled our letter: Dia de Muertos

I keep forgetting to say. Everybody that's served on the Tucker side has gone Spanish speaking. 
I was looking through my paperwork the other day, and how the transfers fall, I'll finish my mission on June 4th, 17 days before I complete 2 years. 

We were in the Church Building next to the Mission offices earlier this week, and an Elder there from Mexico City was there. It was his 2nd day in the mission, and he wanted to practice his Spanish with me. It was actually pretty good. He had a few questions about how to say a few words in English, and I was able to tell him, which was pretty cool! It was actually hard for me to say some words in English, it came to me first in Spanish. Spanish is already ruining my English, but oh well!

In our area, there's this dog that chases other people, but when we walk by him, he doesn't even bark. It's awesome how the Lord protects his servants. 

The Lopez Gomes family went to church yesterday, and if they go one more time, they can be baptized, and want to. Juan Garcia received the Aaronic Priesthood yesterday.

We got to go to the ward's Halloween party, which wasn't a party. They watched conference talks, played one game, judged costumes (I got asked to be one of the judges), and had hot dogs.  The costumes were... ok haha They mostly just wore what they wore to work, and said they dressed up haha

I went contacting the other day with Elder Wright, who is from Utah, and he said that I talk like an Idahoan haha That's good, since I am an Idahoan.  This week I was told by Elder Wright that my Spanish is really good for only being in the mission for 3 months.

Today I got a letter from the Kolsens. (A family in Forest's home ward) It was sent August 1st. He caught a 42 inch Salmon! That's crazy!

The other day when I shook a guys hand, he wanted to see how strong my grip was, I don't know why. But anyway, he started to squeeze, and I overpowered him. Then he squeezed with both of his hands, and I still overpowered him, it was awesome!

I don't know what happened to my camera, but it doesn't work anymore, so I'm gonna need to buy a new one, so if you could put some money on my card, that'd be awesome! Thanks!

So, now more about Sam's question.  (Sam asked Forest if he slept well Sunday night before p-day because Matt specifically prayed that he would)  Saturday night was a super long night. I didn't sleep hardly at all. At 2:30 in the morning I threw up. I felt a little better after that, but still wasn't really able to sleep. At 6:30 Elder Vargas gave me a blessing, and I slept for two more hours. While I was sleeping Elder Vargas called Hermana Beltran, the member across the street, and she brought over some Pepto-bismol, and some pills for my stomach. She also brought over a drink that's supposed to calm the stomach. Well, we went to church, and word spread that I wasn't feeling good, and the Bishop's wife went to the store and bought me an Electrolit, which is a drink that helps with dehydration, and has a lot of other vitamins in it. It helped a little. Our investigator, Paola Rojo, wanted some water, so she left to buy water, and came back with Pepto-bismol for me, which was nice of her. The Lopez Gomez family gave me chicken soup, and some lotion that's supposed to help when your body aches. The Ricci family gave some pills for my headache. Lots of people helped, which was awesome! Last night, I slept amazing!!! I needed it. I was so tired! I feel a lot better today.

I love you guys!

-Elder Radmall

I don't want to be needy, but if you haven't sent the Christmas package yet, I would love some more photos of you guys, people in the ward, and just little things around the house and Twin. Ties are always nice. And I would love a workout book. An Elder here has one called "Your Body is Your Own Gym" It's written by a Navy Seal, and the workouts in it are soley workouts you can do with out weights. Thanks. I love you guys! Oh! The time changed an hour here as well.

Back and forth between Dad and Forest...

Forest:  I keep waiting for it to snow, but it's just hot haha. Well, I care about you guys a lot, you know family is all you've really got ;) but I pray for you guys every day. Ummm I would love a picture of our backyard, the canyon, you guys, yeah, and whatever else you want to take a picture of. Oh, and the hunting pictures .

Dad:  OK, don't forget to get the sim card out of your camera. and don't spend a ton on your camera. and don't break it, and , and ,and, jk ok, we'll get you some pics, it may take some time to get to you from here, we'll see. grandma and grandpa say hi

Forest:  ok, hi!

Dad:  So does it ever cool off there? I'm glad your feeling better, stay healthy, the work is hard, long days everyday!

Forest:  Ummm not really. When the sun goes down, like right now acually, it's a litte cooler, but not a whole lot.

Dad:  Well it's cooled off here, tons of rain too. Our time changes this weekend so it's 6:30 here right now.

Forest:  We changed yesterday, so it's 5:30 right now

Dad:  I didn't know you changed times there, cool. so you ate hotdogs for your halloween party huh, any chili?

Forest:  nope, just hotdogs. It kinda sucked 
Thanksgiving and Christmas are gonna suck too, but oh well. It's only for two years.

Dad:  So...hotdogs for thanksgiving, haha. we are having homemade pizza tonight, how do you like that kid!

Forest:  Shut up! haha I'll probably have a sandwich :(

Dad:  I'll freeze ya a slice. Mom says thanks, she wore your cowboy hat for halloween at school. Are the members feeding ya regularly?

Forest:  Nice! Yeah, we have a lunch appointment almost every day.

Dad:  Good, any American style cooking ever? Can you buy steak there? and do you have any sisters that are cooking thanksgiving?

Forest:  We don't have any American sisters in our Zone. I've heard that you can buy steak, and you run into more Americans in the Baja. So, maybe for Christmas :) The Steak here is super thin :/ I gotta go. I love you guys! Have an awesome week!

Dad:  Check battery in camera!

Forest:  It's new. It turns on, but the screen is almost totally black, and there's weird colored line through it .

Dad:  Bummer!

Forest: Yeah. Talk to ya next week! 

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