Monday, January 23, 2017

Monday January 23rd, 2017

Hey guys! Another really hard week! On Thursday, all of our appointments fell through, all of them! And only one person accepted us to come back during a contact. It was a tough week.

Last Monday the new missionaries got here. One of them, Elder Nef, is from Idaho. He's from a really small town up by Salmon. He is just like me. He doesn't know hardly any Spanish. I know exactly how he feels! He has a good attitude about everything though, so that's good! He used to work on his neighbors ranch up there. It's called the "2 Dot". He said that they like to hire RMs, so maybe I'll try my luck up there when I get back. I don't know, I have a lot of time before then.

The other day, Ruben practically poured out his heart to us. Over an hour and a half he told us everything he wants for his family and friends. He told that us that if he was filthy rich, he would donate his money to hospitals to help kids with cancer. He's still staying strong with not drinking. He invited some friends from work over to his house, and told them that he doesn't drink, but they're welcome to if they want. He drank soda. He already invited Elder Hernandez and I over for Camila's quincineta in seven years. He also wants to come visit Idaho someday.

This week has cooled off quite a bit. At about 7 in the morning I could see my breath. The temperature feels about like September in Idaho. Which means it's almost time for hunting! But then I remember I'm in Mexico, and it's January haha. 


The rules for splits changed, which I am super happy about! We no longer have them over night. Since Elder Hernandez is the District Leader, other missionaries come to our area for the day, and we do splits here. This is going to be so much better!

We were asked to give talks on Sunday, so Saturday night we prepared them. I know I can't just get up there and talk for ten minutes, which would be boring to the members and sporadic any way. So, I wrote my talk out. I guess a while ago, a different American Elder gave a talk in this ward, and he also wrote his talk  out, but I guess he mispronounced a lot of words. I was told that I only mispronounced one, so that was a confidence builder. At least I can read Spanish.

We're hoping this week is better as far as teaching lessons go. I love you guys! Have an awesome week!

-Elder Radmall


Dad: I wish my apartment had cupboards.  What do I miss from home?? I really miss talking about guns. Almost nobody here likes them. I went from talking to you and Brother Ward about guns every week, to not talking about them at all. It really sucks!  ( What do you wish your apartment had but doesn't? and What do you miss from home?)

Mom: We haven't started it yet. I think it starts this week, but I think personal study is going to be kinda cold. (How are you adjusting to your new schedule?)

Holly: Gorditas. It's a taco shell cooked in oil with refried beans, meat, lettuce, vegetables, and what not on top. It's really good! (As far as homecooked meals, what is your favorite thing that you have been served?)

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