Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Monday January 9th, 2017

Holy Snow!  I wish I could've enjoyed it with you guys! I'm glad to hear that mom had a good birthday! 

 First off, the Day of Kings, is where you have a circle cake that has little person figures in it. Each person takes turn cutting a piece. If you get one of the figures, you and the other people that have figures, buy everyone else tamales. They don't actually end up buying tamales, but it was still kind of fun!

Elder Radmall and Camila

Día de los Santos Reyes  (Day of the Kings)

The baptism went great! The day before, we tried to print off the program, and it would not work, which made us freak out a little, because we had a multi-zone meeting the next day, the day of the baptism. After the multi-zone meeting we went to try to print it off, and luckily it worked. Ruben and I both were pretty nervous, haha! The ward really supported him, there were quite a few members that showed up. When we stepped into the water, we about turned into ice! The water was freezing! Ruben said afterward that his feet still hurt cause it was so cold. I was pretty nervous that I'd mess up the prayer, or that part of his body would come out of the water, but as soon as I started the prayer, a super calm feeling came over me. Everything went perfectly. On Saturday, Elder Hernandez and I bought Ruben a white shirt and a tie. When we went to give it to him on Sunday, he was super excited to show us that he'd bought a suit coat. So, with a white shirt, a tie, and a suit coat, he got mistaken as a missionary several times at church. Elder Hernandez confirmed him, and then one of the members in Elders Quorum gave him the Aaronic Priesthood. So now when Wendy and Camila are baptized, he can do it!

Elder Radmall and Ruben  January 4th, 2017

Ruben, Wendy, and their daughters



                                                     Fun with Elder Radmall and Elder Hernandez!!


Elder Radmall with Elder Atkins (fellow Twin Falls Elder) and Elder Meadows (Forest's MTC companion).

For the past two or so weeks I had an ingrown toenail, which sucked, but I was doing fine. Then, it started to bleed, so I figured that I better let Hermana Gabaldon know about it. There was a member in a different area that's an EMT, so  we went over to his house to have it taken out. It was done really fast, and he didn't charge me anything. I'm feeling a lot better now, and am even wearing my shoes today. I had to wear a sandal on the foot that had the ingrown toenail. That sucked.



It was a pretty good week! I love you guys!

Elder Radmall


Dad: We have 7 investigators. (How many investigators do you have?)

Mom: It's hard to find out a good routine that we both like, and how to teach together. (What is the hardest thing about getting a new companion?)

Holly: Ummm I'm not sure. Getting to know a new area, while trying to teach at the same time is pretty hard. (What is the hardest thing about your mission?)

Sam: Cow liver. It was disgusting! (What is the grossest thing you have eaten?)

Dylan: One of the easy things, is one thing that I love to do, and that's Personal Study. Studying the scriptures is awesome!  (What is the easiest thing that you do as a missionary?)

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