Monday, January 30, 2017

January 30, 2016

     Hey guys! I'm glad my letters got to you! So, we've been showering out of buckets again, but willingly this time. We found a water heater that goes in a bucket, so now we have hot water! :) 

     Also, quite a few people have been sending me friend requests to my facebook. When Elder Minarik got home, his facebook didn't work, so if you could log on every once in a while so I don't lose those requests, that would be awesome!

     A phrase that Ruben says in english is "Overline Everyday". He said that he wants to buy us pocket knives and have that engraved on the blade, and on the handle put "Mi Amigo Elder Radmall" and Elder Hernandez for his. I don't know if he'll ever do it, but it'd be awesome!

     We have another investigator named, Mario. He has some strange ideas, but he's awesome! He read the entire Book of Mormon in two weeks, and when we give him pamphlets, he not only reads them, but marks them and writes down his questions. It's awesome! We were at a less active members home, and she mentioned that she cuts hair, so Elder Hernandez got one. I'll have to get a picture. haha He keeps saying he's bald. It's pretty short haha. After we left I asked him if he wanted hair extensions haha.

     This week was pretty tough again. We looked through our area book, which took about 4 hours! There were records from 2010. We tried to find some of the people, but quite a few of them weren't there anymore, or just didn't want anything.

     On Sunday we ate with a member, and she tried telling us that we can't email people of the opposite gender, and that it's rule. I was able to combat everything she said, in Spanish. It was awesome! In the end, she came to an understanding that it's okay to email girls haha.
We walked a ton  this week! Lots of appointments have fallen through again, but it's like that all over the zone. Hopefully this week is better! I love you guys! Have an awesome week!

-Elder Radmall

Dad: Drink and listen to music haha. They play some board games too. (What do the natives do to relax in Culiacan?)

Mom: I'm not  sure. I've only had to speak twice. The wards are really small. ( Is it normal for missionaries there to get asked to speak so often?)

Holly: Individuals. We want to find a family to teach, but honestly, it's hard to just find individuals.
 (Are you teaching more families or individuals right now?)

Sam: I write everyday. How's the challenge going? Tell me all about it! (How often do you write in your journel?) (And challenge accepted I will read my scriptures everyday)

Dylan: It depends on the day, but quite a few. (How many spiritual experiences do you have each day?)

Have Sam tell you about the challenge, it's extended to everyone! ( We are all accepting the challenge...even though we are already doing it!)

Sunsets in Culiacan

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